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  • I solemnly swear... in reply to Hanging out tonight folks! by SteppeLively

    ...to smile. ;)
  • The more the merrier...and the sweatier! in reply to I'm liking the idea by mirrageofhope

    Heck yeah, moving's a good workout - all the lifting heavy things and running around! I wish Fitocracy would give me points for vacuuming the carpeted stairs with a big vacuum cleaner. However they do give points for yard work. ...
  • Death Magic (Blue Sky Black Death Remix) in reply to Music Help - Mostly Walking Break Music (Broken Age) by Madwarlockii

    This is a song we get asked about very often and it's currently available for free download from Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rbtswin/death-magic-blue-sky-black-death-remix. However I'm asking that we help to keep the tunes flowing and buy albums as much as possible. The artists ...
  • You've got this in reply to Time to put it to the test by bout.t.fiddy.5

    Buss dem up, 350.
  • Added to the playlist in reply to It was Walk Away BSBD Remix i think. by Lafe

    Thanks for sharing, Lafe. The compilation has one more slow jam now.
  • Day[9] Slow Jams Playlists in reply to Music Help - Mostly Walking Break Music (Broken Age) by Madwarlockii

    Hey Dara, LeahTheShadow and I love the music Sean plays during breaks so much that we made playlists and keep them updated as much as possible. The songs from the last Mostly Walking episode are in there too.
  • 30 Day Fitness Challenges in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Hello, #GymLadyKnights! I really want us to do little programs together and suggested these two from Pinterest via Twitter. Imagine my joy (dayJoy?) that not only ladies but gentlemen (Shoutout to the #GymLordyKnights!) will be on board with us for ...
  • What's your favourite RPG?

    Of all the acronyms in video game history (RTS, MOBA, FPS, etc.) I have a squishy place in my little black heart for RPGs and know a number of DayKnights also love this genre. So what's your favourite RPG and ...
  • 3 Minute Arms Workout for Beginners in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    I can vouch for all these movements. Remember to take your time and maintain good form. Quality trumps quantity when lifting weights. From Pinterest
  • Another Bouchard Pearl in reply to The mug quote thread - your favourite quotes by Maja_Summ

    "Crotchet that sh*t!" - Sean Bouchard, Mostly Walking (June 29, 2015)
  • Examination domination celebration time! in reply to This week is better by Aktaia

    Congratulations on passing your NCLEX-RN exam, Joan! I'm thinking us #GymLadyKnights should do a special workout something something for the summer months. We'll already be sweating like crazy anyway, right?
  • TGIF, my lovelies! in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Another work week is drawing to a close and I hope we've all kept up with our fitness goals. It's been tough especially for me with a high-stress race weekend which meant a lot of sweating and restaurant food. However ...
  • Most fun in reply to Really happening by SteppeLively

    I busted in there late last night with my nephew, Nick. Day Knights truly are the best bunch of people on the internet.
  • You've got this! in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Life can be scary sometimes. I mean really, truly, mother truckin' scary. However the most rewarding experiences can happen because we step out of our comfort zones to try something new. Whether it's going to a Zumba class, a run ...
  • Yeaaaah! in reply to A little motivational video for all of us #GymLadyKnights by Maja_Summ

    Heck yeah, we can!
  • Peanut problems in reply to =D by renn

    I like peanut butter more than it likes me (if you know what I mean) but never had problems with Nutella. By the way, have you ever tried eating crepes or pancakes with peanut butter?
  • Do tell in reply to I have a confession... by renn

    That's understandable, Nicole. What do you like? *elbows on knees, head resting on hands*
  • Thursday Inspiration in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    It sounds terrible but sometimes we've got to be a little selfish. That half-hour on the mat, bench, bike, or treadmill will make us stronger, healthier and sometimes happier people in the long run. Don't give up, my lovelies!
  • Dang, woman! in reply to I was both by mirrageofhope

    I can't see the video but know what you're talking about and as somebody who occasionally trips on nothing - dang, woman! You're like a ninja with music!
  • Hugs Laura in reply to Thank you. :) by mirrageofhope

    One of my friends was taking birth control pills since she started getting her period. I'm talking about Form 1 age. (That's 6th grade, lovely Americans) It took her a long, long time before she found a balance of exercise ...