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  • Big bear hugs! in reply to The Struggle Is Real!!! by 1opinionated

    Hey Laura, it's great that you had fun with your friends. More than the chemical rush from exercise, that feeling after having a fun time with your buddies is better than anything. Hold on to that feeling and know that ...
  • The Struggle Is Real!!! in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Hey #GymLadyKnights! I saw this on Facebook today and had to share. Who hasn't felt this way, eh?
  • Count me in...for sure! in reply to Midway!!! by SteppeLively

    I'll be there with bells on! Okay, maybe not but I'll be there. *thumbs up*
  • Ooooh Yeah! in reply to Ooooh... by mirrageofhope

    You're most welcome! Let me know how it turned out.
  • Welcome, Idle Satire! in reply to I'm in too :) by idlesatire

    What an inspirational story you have! I’m so pleased to hear of your progress and dedication. It’s not an easy road but the rewards are truly sweet. Exercise bikes are so great! I had a knee injury last year that ...
  • Step 1 in reply to Fit... by mirrageofhope

    Oh yeah, "fit" equals "cute" in the UK! Sorry, I forgot about that. However regarding physical fitness we're both on the same page, and I know exactly how you feel. The good news is that there is hope but you've ...
  • Welcome, Laura! in reply to I need to loose some weight.... by mirrageofhope

    Thanks for sharing, Laura. You're so right about how we deal with body comments. Even what is meant as a compliment can make us uncomfortable. An old co-worker cheerfully told me one day, "Miss Marsha, your face is like a ...
  • Yet another time I thought I was going to die on the treadmill in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    I use a Couch to 5K trainer iPhone app to help me build stamina and something really funny happened on Sunday afternoon. I was fiddling with the app, trying to restart a song and accidentally stopped the whole workout. This ...
  • Welcome, Elyzium! in reply to Count me in! by Elyzium

    Happy to see you here, Elyzium! The struggle is real and frustrating. Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, the pounds keep piling on. However, are you gaining muscle or fat?
  • #GymLadyKnights

    While Day[9] was obliterating Hearthstone opponents on Friday April 10, 2015 something special happened in the Twitch chat. Auraswap, MajaSumm, Zeldaassassin and I (1opinionated) believe there are many fitness minded girls and women among the DayKnights, so we welcome you ...
  • Oh Darn... in reply to Do I have you on G+??? by SteppeLively

    Oh darn, I missedi t! I'm so sorry and will make better plans to be there next week. Thanks for following up with me.
  • One Sean Down... in reply to Mostly Walking - Grim Fandango #2 by Day9

    Sean Bouchard's presence will be sorely missed. We'll have to flood his Twitter timeline (@ndef) with updates then...just kidding...maybe not. ;)
  • Count me in! in reply to DayKnight Writer's Hangout by SteppeLively

    I'll do my darndest to be there this week. Being on the east coast is fine when you're used to pulling Batman hours anyway.