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  • It's perfect! in reply to The Neverhood by surreal

    The Neverhood would be a perfect game for Mostly Walking. I recall at the time that Gamespot panned it for being too hard (for their reviewer who mostly played FPS), but they got through Kings Quest so I think they ...
  • Anyone left in Diamond Losers? in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    I'm still around (sorta), but I'm away from next week. My remaining opponents in the losers bracket are: -MakeItEasy/FormerHorse -Aurora/SAOnline
  • Rematch! in reply to is this tournament still active? by mydarling132

    If no-one is left in the losers bracket to stop me, then maybe we'll finally play the 4th/5th games we missed ;)
  • Looking for MakeItEasy FormerHorse.772 in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    So I almost forgot I was still in it this week, since my opponents aren't reaching out to me (at least not here). Maybe not everyone knows that this is double elimination?
  • Looking for bathcore in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    Let me know when you want to play, I'm in PDT and fairly open this week.
  • It's fine in reply to alan by mydarling132

    I misinterpreted you as accepting a forfeit from me for game 4 already. All that's left is maybe an 'off the record' rematch later ;) .
  • I guess we'll reschedule in reply to It's on-line? by 416365416c

    9PM EST Monday or Tuesday?
  • It's on-line? in reply to alan by mydarling132

    I think it's 12pm sunday now. I'll just play some games until you come online.
  • I can make some time on Sunday in reply to alan by mydarling132

    12pm EST Sun work? Or maybe 9pm EST on Sunday?
  • Not this week I'm afraid.... in reply to alan by mydarling132

    Can't play any serious games this week. Next week I can play after 6pm EST. 9PM EST next mon or tues?
  • Time is an illusion in reply to This is an amazing initiative by bluedrop

    I'd say there's totally a point in streaming with no live audience. Intersecting in time can be hard (especially for me, since I left my friends on the other side of the globe when I moved), but it's easy to ...
  • Another Dark Souls 2 Streaming

    If you want to watch more Dark Souls 2 after Day9's Day Off, I'll be streaming my first Dark Souls 2 play-through at from 10am PDT on Saturday (the 26th).
  • Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh mydarling.132 in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    I assume I win by default against WaffleSam because I posted here and I still couldn't find him. In which case, I need to now schedule a match against mydarling.132 . Should (s)he exist, reply here please :) . I'd ...
  • Where's WaffleSam? in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    My apparent opponent this week "WaffleSam.167" does not exist according to blizzard. At least, on NA I can't add him as a character friend. Dear WaffleSam. If you exist, heed my plea and provide accurate char code and/or scheduling for ...
  • It's on! in reply to Play tonight? by Mrhalloween55

    We are perfectly matched then, I was vomiting yesterday too. But I'm back on solid foods already, and can play tonight no problem.
  • Great! in reply to Games by Mrhalloween55

    Sounds good, I'll add you on SC tonight when I get home and see you in-game!
  • Looking for MrHalloween.268 in reply to DKTL SEASON 3 (Brackets, Rules, Info) by GMFaustus

    Still haven't seen my opponent yet. I guess I'll be idling in SC2 the next few nights in case he shows up, or reply to this thread with your preferred time (I'm available this week Mo/We 1730-2300 PDT, Tu 1900-2300PDT).
  • Joining now in reply to Diablo3 Day Knights Clan Formed by GhostStalker

    Interesting that there are two results searching the clans for "Day9". Neither is this one.... good thing we have a side-channel to coordinate on!
  • Region switching in reply to The DKTL is BACK! Season 3 Info and Signups! BIG NEWS! by GMFaustus

    I'm a little suprised to see SEA merge with EU. Is that for numbers balancing? Because normally SEA merges with NA, and the lag is a little better too.
  • Musical Timing in reply to Musical Timing / Musical Nukes Funday by StarsKri

    A different way to include musical timing: You have to play in time with the music. Pick a fast paced, say 120 BPM song, and you have to have the matching 120 APM. It would throw in some interesting mechanics ...