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  • Connection to Starcraft??? in reply to A Tragedy by jbigg2012

    They mentioned on CNN that the shooter played "violent games like starcraft and warcraft". Because starcraft incites violence or something. Definitely worse for people than call of duty.....(sarcasm). The reality is there is no way to find answers for something ...
  • Cool in reply to getting better by profit

    Thanks alot!
  • Here is a replay of this. in reply to Void Ray/Zealot Rush? by ACyrilBC

    This is a basic replay, i know i didn't micro or control or frankly act all that efficiently but again i am just looking to see opinions as to whether or not this has any legit viability...
  • Void Ray/Zealot Rush?

    As a toss player, it makes me sad since i can't ever really use void rays, so i started trying to use them in a 2stargate rush supplemented by zealots against Zerg only and it seems to be reasonably successful. ...