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  • Perhaps An Emote

    After delving deep into the archives, I chanced upon an image I believe could be added to the emotes. To be honest I'm not a subscriber but if any of you lovely dayKnights want to follow up with it feel ...
  • Yeah in reply to Yea I don't think it is... by mirrageofhope

    I saw Husky in it, then I thought I saw Day9, thought it a close enough connection, I think they look pretty similar tho.
  • Yah, thought it might have been a cameo or something in reply to IS DAY9 IN THIS VIDEO?? by Onakogo

    When he says Jake Ropiere at the beggining, it sounds exactly the same as Day9. If it isn't then we atleast found a doppleganger of a sorts.
  • Is Day9 in this video??

    Im curious if Day9 is the anouncer guy in this vid, its not that far fetched, as its got husky and Felicia. Maybe just going loco, he is a wearing a costume and all. You see him first at 0:15. ...