Ben "Ajax" Adamson

  • Location: Florida
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  • About: Bio: Hey, I'm Ajax or Ben i've been gaming since i was 8 and started off playing runescape. I was introduced to youtube a year later and the first thing i looked up was runescape videos. Those videos are what made me want to record gaming. I always thought whats the point of trying to do something if no one else is gonna see it. I've been playing Starcraft for a little under a year and my main race is protoss although i can play other races pretty well. I also compete in Team Fortress 2 tournaments sometimes. basically play anything i want or you want. My Youtube channels: On my channel (AjaxsUseraname) i upload anything gaming. On my music channel (AjaxsMusic) i upload anything with my music. On My real life channel(BenisAjax) i upload anything real life.
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Twitter: AjaxsUsername

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