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  • The Festival is TOMORROW!! in reply to DayKnight Festival 2016 by Aktaia

    If you haven't yet, please check out the DayKnight Festival to connect with your fellow DayKnights and have a great time :D
  • Festival Updates! in reply to DayKnight Festival 2016 by Aktaia

    A number of new Articles have been added to the website: 1. Day9TV in 2017 - Cohlysion sits down with Eric to talk about directions the company is going to take in the new year, and why their focus on ...
  • New Article in reply to DayKnight Festival 2016 by Aktaia

    A new article has been posted on the Festival website - "Why We Focus on Getting Players into Games". Check it out here
  • DayKnight Festival 2016

    As seasons change and the year comes to a close, it is time to celebrate in DayKnight fashion with fun and games! The Winter DayKnight festival, starting December 17th 2016, 4pm PST/7pm EST (and running probably at least three hours) ...
  • Media from Omegacon for DayKnight Winter Festival 2015 in reply to East Coast DayKnight Meetup 2015! by Hinamatsurigirl

    Hello DayKnights that attended the East Coast Meetup, The DayKnight Festival team is looking for pictures and videos from this and other DayKnight meetups this year. We want to showcase the awesome hangouts during the DayKnight Festival on December 19th, ...
  • Shoutouts in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Really quick, I just wanted to let all of you know that you are champions, and I love you. Thank you os much for all of your inspiration every day. Whenever I need a life, I check back here, and ...
  • Discord in reply to Discord huh by Omega068

    I've been playing around with it for a bit, and it seems pretty straightforward. We should definitely give it a try.
  • Progress in reply to #GymLordyKnights by bout.t.fiddy.5

    Hey Gym Lords, how is the summer going? Gotta keep the Hype train rolling for the fitness! Also, a big congrats to 350 for testing well and getting the next rank!
  • Cocktails in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    That looks really delish! I'll have to try it this weekend. One of my new faves is mixing the Mio drink flavours with club soda and whatever alcohol you like. Lots of flavour without lots of sugar.
  • Summer Exercise in reply to Examination domination celebration time! by 1opinionated

    Thanks Marsha! I think that's a great idea! There is so much potential for varied workouts and outdoor adventures. I'm definitly increasing my swimming, and I am going to see about a few hikes. There are some amazing provincial parks ...
  • This week is better in reply to TGIF, my lovelies! by 1opinionated

    Hey hey! I was really having a hard time focusing on exercise and eating well this past 2 weeks. I wrote my NCLEX-RN (Registered Nurse) exam on the 16th, so I was totally focused on just studying as much as ...
  • Reply in reply to Thank you :D by mirrageofhope

    Its amazing how things can be halted with hormones. The human body never ceases to amaze. I hope that this gets sorted out for you soon Laura!
  • Staying positive in reply to GJ, LadyKnights! by Lecta

    Setbacks happen, but the important thing is to figure out how to work through them and then keep going. @ Nicole - Sometimes taking a week off can be good for you. I know there are some days where I ...
  • Thanks Lady in reply to DAMN Girl! by Lecta

    Thank you so much! I definitely had an amazing time.
  • Just what I needed in reply to Thursday Hype! by 1opinionated

    Oh Marsha, I love your motivation! Thank you for this one! I took a night shift tonight (going to be done in 2 hours), but I did not do the proper sleep prep, so I am running low on energy. ...
  • Night out in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Hey ladies, I am out for a night on the town with some really awesome friends! I am totally breaking with my diet, but honestly, after 1 month of not drinking, I have earned it!!! 20+inches down and over 15lbs ...
  • This week in reply to A little inspiration by 1opinionated

    Now there's a great motivator. I'm in the midst of battleing a chest cold, so will be out of commish for the next day or so. Will see about later in the week though, I'll definitely have some catching up ...
  • Apps in reply to Tracking by Aktaia

    I love quests! I'll have to check it out when I get home.
  • Tracking in reply to Hey to you, too! by 1opinionated

    Thanks Marsha, I'm using the "Life Fitness" and "My Fitness Pal" apps to track my nutrition and workouts. The gym I go to has all Life Fitness equipment, which have micro usb's for automatic tracking, as well as QR codes ...
  • Hey Nicole, in reply to Hit a roadblock by renn

    It can be incredibly difficult to lose a member of the family, human or not. When my dog passed away a few years ago, it took a long time for me to come to terms with it. One thing that ...