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  • Really, no offense in reply to maybe.... by KarelTheTossMaster

    Instead of writing a longer answer, and probably offending you. I'll just expand a bit, to maybe get rid of some of the assumptions you have made about my point."Trigger-based logic" is not opposed to scouting. At all. In fact ...
  • No offense in reply to yyyyyak! by KarelTheTossMaster

    No offense, but I think you are reading something something different into my posts than what I'm writing
  • Not quite what I meant in reply to that's the 3.0 by KarelTheTossMaster

    I'm thinking about the something between the two extremes of having no reactions planned and having the ultimate response to everything - Having certain triggers for certain builds that leads to certain optimized responses.
  • Love it in reply to Protoss Guide to HotS! *Requested Wall* by KarelTheTossMaster

    I loved the daily on Cranks 2 base blink especially because it was reactionary (see reaper -> go 2 base blink all in). My dream is to build some kind of decision tree, that starts with some basic builds and ...
  • Protoss here in reply to [H] Looking for practice partners - Gold EU Terran here by Foxarmar

    I've added you :) I'm a gold league protoss, whose best matchup is PvT (according to statistics at least - 70something% winrate). Charactername: Andylicious
  • Engaging with everything at once in reply to How to engage as protoss? by RzMWood

    I think a mistake you made, was allowing his army to kill yours piece by piece. Instead of having zealots tank and stalkers in the midline ready to pick off vikings and colossi frying bio, your stalkers were killed by ...
  • Title in reply to NA by Andylicious

    So, when are you usually on? I'm a bit busy these days, but I usually play in the evenings (GMT+1) and on weekends.
  • NA in reply to yes by LegoSpartan

    Jumped to NA and added you :)
  • Ranking? in reply to yes by LegoSpartan

    Does it affect ranking? I have no problem jumping to NA
  • Cool! in reply to server by LegoSpartan

    That would be super cool! I'm on EU. Is it possible to jump between servers?
  • Convergence (Protoss)

    Hi there First time poster :)My race and level: I'm a protoss player currently in the silver league, top gold about a month ago My problem: ConvergenceIn the dailies, Sean often talks about how there are certain setups (buildings and ...