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  • About: I am a writer, actor and singer, though I don't get paid for any of those yet. I also have a vlog, and I don't get paid for that either! I live every day trying to emulate Sean's never-ending cheerfullness and optimism, although I sometimes fail. If you want to know more, shoot me a PM :).
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  • Videos glitching on youtube

    Example This was previously reported somewhere (I honestly can't remember whether it was reddit or here), but I just wanted to confirm that it's still happening through the appropriate channel.
  • No! in reply to Snow shoes? by 1opinionated

    Just my battered, cracking trainers that I originally bought to weight lift in. But yeah, I've found that if you run with confidence, snow isn't that slippery - but if you hesitate it's deadly. Sucks... I don't enjoy cycling all ...
  • An objection in reply to Not sure if men are allowed by maksymilian.szyc

    Ah, but I like to write in the mornings (and a bunch of other, daily tasks), while my lunch break sits there all lonely - I often work through it if I'm still in the office...
  • Thanks + plan details in reply to Welcome, Kat! by 1opinionated

    I don't mind running in the cold - but the snow/ice got a bit hairy. The first few minutes are awful, but then you warm yourself up by running! (Although I also warmed myself up by whining to my Dad ...
  • I made an account just to join you! in reply to #GymLadyKnights by 1opinionated

    Hi, I'm Kat. This is the third time I've written this out because I suck at this interface, apparently ><. I ran all winter, but stopped when I got a job I cycled to. Now I'm ready to level up ...