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  • It's Mech's Weakness in reply to Why So Late Seige Upgrade for Mechers? by Puyan

    Mech players dying early to ground units either means they were WAY too greedy, or they were afraid of an air transition. Especially against zerg, the only early-game units for mech that shoot up are the Thor and the viking, ...
  • Anything is possible in reply to Can I become great at this game, even though I'm a slight gimp? by meanmeany

    ... and by that I mean you shouldn't have any trouble! :D I'm personally a mid-plat player, and I think it shouldn't even be particularly hard for you. I mean, you might want to tone down any spamming with the ...
  • Tanks! in reply to Help in TvT by Snozberry

    While you may not like them (to a certain respect, I don't either) siege tanks are absolutely vital in TvT, unless you're going for either some sort of cheese* or bio play, the latter being extremely risky because any player ...
  • TvP 3 CC vs. Fast Forge

    There's already a TvP thread, but it's on late game troubles and this focuses on early game so hopefully it'll be alright. At the moment, me being a measly gold Terran, TvP is my best matchup by far. Lately I've ...
  • Banelings! in reply to thanks for the help :D by chlippry

    As a high gold who recently realized that his TvZ sucks and then got together with his practice partners to fix it, maybe I can help. :D When it comes to attacking Zerg early, you really have to move cautiously, ...
  • Hopefully I Can Help? in reply to Alrighty by GeeHaus

    Howdy there! I'm a fellow gold terran pushing into platinum, I think I can help with this. Hopefully. I think that just over time, with practice, your play will slowly but surely become faster. This of course depends on how ...
  • Sounds fun! in reply to Practice Partners by itsbecca

    Well, I've been looking for a practice partner or two for a while now, and this seems like the prime place to do it. :3 InfSunday. (I'll edit this later with the code, just name-changed)
  • Thanks! in reply to help! by pertianson

    Thanks all, I've since figured out my problem in TvZ (after losing all five of the games where I got paired against Zerg), and it's just that my unit control is awful. If I work on my micro I'll be ...
  • TvZ in reply to Help me thread by makios

    As a high gold Terran, how do I deal with Zerg when they go roaches + speed lings and keep me stuck on two/three base? I've been having major trouble in this matchup, because when this happens my drops get ...
  • Definitely Possible in reply to by weichler1

    I can only see it working against Protoss, but I've had *limited* success using fast ghost builds, and probably would do better and keep using them if I spent the time to optimize one. What I did was: