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  • not a daily but.. in reply to Mineral Efficiency by blissLove

    # or its reference Hope it helps.
  • ZvZ >>> PvP in reply to ZvZ is my least favourite matchup by Kai.Herbertz

    In fact, the Protoss mirror is the reason why I switched to zerg :D Overall, I don't like any mirror match up. You cant blame the OP IMBA units of your opponent for losing ;) But of all mirrors the ...
  • What are the cons for not taking it? Getting sick? in reply to This was never was posted by LordMatsu

    It is not so much about YOU getting sick. It is about the people you infect. Not everyone is as healthy as you. You are right. Most probably the flu is no real threat for you. Maybe you do not ...
  • ZvT diamond level, find the error

    Hi all,a good friend of mine (diamond zerg) struggles a lot in the ZvT lately (mid - late game). I always try to find the mistakes in his play and give him advises, but now I can not find any ...
  • Same for me last season. in reply to Can the MMR system bug? by Molteriet

    After beeing promoted to diamond I took a break until the end of the season. Next season I was placed in silver.. I used it as an opportunity to switch races and try out zerg :)
  • thank you in reply to 10 pool vs 15 pool by cliff.tam

    I am embarrassed to say, that my nat hatch is basically for the larva. I oftentimes attack, when speed is finished and banelings are ready. While fighting my injects are nonexistent... so sometimes I even build a makro hatch:) I ...
  • Thanks for the answer in reply to Initial Ling Fights? by Shan

    I will keep the baneling nest before speed in mind and try this out too. I played three games in a row against him. In the first game he went for the 10 pool to cancel my hatch as usual. ...
  • We reversed roles in reply to [H] 15Pool vs 10Pool by Archiatrus

    Ok it seems the answer is, in fact, speed. This time I played the 10Pool part and he the 15Pool. He went ling, ovi, queen and researched speed asap. With the next 50 Gas a baneling nest followed. And then ...
  • [H] 15Pool vs 10Pool

    Hi, I need help with the following problem: In a ZvZ I open all the time 15 Pool 15 gas 15 Hatch, because someone said it is pretty much save against everything. For laddering this is most of the time ...
  • sentries maybe in reply to Unit list: by discord

    they have free hallucinations now
  • [G] PvZ

    Today on i have found this amazing TL guide for PvZ. If you have also problems with this match-up and don't know this guide already, I recommend reading it. After reading some passeges and using the new knowledge I ...