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  • Pen&Paper/DND/RPG

    Hejo! I haven't been that active for a while but I still feel like I'm one of the dayknights. So I'd love to ask around if there are any dayknights who are interested in dnd or any other roleplaying system ...
  • Pen&Paper FATE

    Heyho, since it has been quite some time that I've been able to interact with the day9 community (living in europe and I cant wake up at 3 am to watch day9 that often), I thought of a way to ...
  • I hate my pc. in reply to Fellow DayKnights, I launched a Kickstarter campaign :) by Kai.Herbertz

    Ok, I've written a huge critic thing here, in which i carefully chose my words, but it just got deleted, so I'll cut it short:I don't think your reading is anywhere near your writing and it might discourage potential fans ...
  • Congratulations! in reply to Today by Randolph

    That's great! :D
  • Good news for you! in reply to Hooooray! by MoltenGold

    # It's a pain to watch shean play this... in a good way! ;)
  • Physical games in reply to game-making by gray.timothyjames

    Since a lot of people told you already it can be hard to start, I'd just like to add that you can make physical games at first. That way you get used to a lot of aspects in the game-design ...
  • Finally seen some things! in reply to Renegade - Retro Arcade Space Shooter. by F.Sargas

    So i played until I've unlocked all upgrades. (Ok, I didn't max them all)I wrote down everything that I liked or didn't like when I played this, I hope that helps you:You can't turn off the sound, only the musicI ...
  • Yup i did, but don't worry in reply to Let's make games! by Arne

    I really don't remember it that well anymore (there just wasn't anything i could do right? I would have loved to do some project orientated music once in a while back then, but the music department is just full with ...
  • Let's make games!

    Dear Dayknights, did you ever think of making a game, or did you already make one? Then i'd like to suggest something to this awesome community!
  • I do miss it too.. in reply to Petition to bring back Funday Monday by alex.morgun.1

    Even though i might not watch it everytime and that mostly walking still has that "new" feeling to it, i wouldn't want to miss funday monday :(
  • This sounds.. in reply to DayKnight Indie Game Challenge by tangent42

    Amazing! It's so much fun to create something if you have an actual goal! And also it's very entertaining ;P Couldn't we, the dayknights, do this, even though it wouldn't make it into a show?I'd love to hear day9s oppinion ...
  • A little late in reply to TALKS / STORYTIMES ABOUT GAME DEVELOPMENT! by djfurbal

    But i think this idea is great! I've always appreciated the way sean teaches things and how he looks at games. I'm starting to learn some things about making games right now and i feel like day9 just let me ...
  • Introduction in reply to Suggestion by zeek

    This kind of long introduction sets the actual atmosphere of the gameplay. I really like seeing them talking about their day and then getting into their game, it reminds me of any rpg group i've ever been in ;P Even ...
  • Hurgurrhguruh! in reply to Music Knight Hangout by Jess9000

    Why is all the fun stuff at 4 am?! D: this sounds so interesting >.<Oh and what do you mean by "composer"? Hobbylike composer? Do you have some soundcloud stuff? :D I love to listen to new stuff, so pleahease ...
  • Happy Birthday! in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - Shovel Knight by Day9

    You are old. D:
  • This sounds awesome! in reply to Hmm...All the games by Balgrin

    I'm alrdy at my limit by trying to get some homerules done. (Pathfinder's profession system... it's so boring!) But I'll have lots of time soon, so i'll probably be able to give you detailed feedback, if you want to ^.^
  • I'm inspired in reply to Day[9]'s GDC Talk by Day9

    I've been a fan for about 3 years now and always more of the REALLY silent follower who just enjoyed your awesome person. You really inspired me in a lot of situation and i actually didn't want to become a ...
  • Just an idea in reply to Still playing with titles..... though I may have messed up the DnDnD by Dav3

    Wouldn't the day9 font(don't know whats it called) look even better?? <3
  • Damnit in reply to Roleplay by Wavingpeople

    Hate being german and not getting all puns :D
  • But... in reply to I don't think we should be using Rollplay... by Cadwah

    It's called that way! Or do you want to name it pen&paper? Or what? :D It's not like jp invented the word rollplay :x