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  • I guess in reply to Seeing as these campaigns are being created from the Day9 community... by Dav3

    Most people will just write "dayknights" and "rollplay" as a tag. Don't you think so too?^^
  • Sure thing in reply to I believe.. by Cadwah

    But it would be kind of nice to know, what kind of method is used. (you know for character creation and stuff :D ) I could have asked that via email, but i chose not to, so that it won't ...
  • Got a question! :D in reply to The Knights of Day[9] DnD:The Fall of the Silver Templars(updated) by nomikkh

    What Level do we start at? ^.^ And what experience pace do we play at? How do we determine our ability score? (4d6? 3d6, but 7 throws instead of 6? 3d6 in total? The Point buying system?)
  • I'd love to play! in reply to The Knights of Day[9] DnD:The Fall of the Silver Templars(updated) by nomikkh

    Heyho, heyho! I'm quite into the pathfinder system and love the campaign setting (the bit you've shown us ;) )! I would be free (if I'm reading the time correctly) from 11am-3/4pm on saturday, so that would be kinda good ...
  • Awesome! in reply to Hi Arne by Cadwah

    Nice to get such a fast reply ^.^
  • Weee in reply to Excellent! by AquaMarine

    How to get you to add someone? ;) Like i said before, i'd love to be in the group ^.^ Is there the possibility of adding you in skype or messaging you my skype name??
  • There are many in reply to What are your favourite Video Game songs!? by EyeOfTheHawks

    But two should be listed as my favourites, because they are probably the ones i play the most on the guitar. Those two are: Kingdom hearts - Waltz of the damned And the Korobeiniki, also known as tetris theme ...
  • I'm in! in reply to DayKnight DnD Campaign Sign-ups by AquaMarine

    Hey hey! I'd love to be a player if it's possible. But i only know the pathfinder rulebook and am not that familiar with the 4e one. Would that be a problem? Also i'd like to know what kind of ...
  • googol in reply to True by Sartan029

    sorry :(
  • I would love a Beta-Key for Monobattles in reply to HOTS Beta Keys (For the swarm!) by Musick

    Well, a buddy of mine got his Beta-key quite a long while ago and is waiting for me to get one too. So since I don't want to disappoint him and i do want to play some 2v2 Monobattles with ...
  • Well.. in reply to Day[9] Daily #523 - TitaN vs Curious - Stunning positional PvZ by Day9

    I don't want to sound stupid, but where can i find the replays to those games? :)