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  • I wish. in reply to Not sure if this is what you're asking for but is it? by zach-mcconnell

    Close, but no. It was for sure a tournament he was at. He's done it on his stream more recently. It's like a spine rush, but more a spine contain.
  • Trying to remember a cast, but can't. Please help?

    So, okay. I'm trying to find a video of a game I watched many moons ago, and can't for the life of me remember, and Google is exactly 0 help for me, so maybe somebody here remembers if I give ...
  • Day[9]-feet tall

    Jesus Christ, Sean Plott is a giant. Those two guys look like children next to him. Good lookin' dude, tho.
  • Seriously. in reply to Love Lings by PickledParsleyParty

    This about a thousand times. I will say it a lot, but go watch some BW games to get a feel for just how awful (as in awe inspiring or full of awe) zerg units are. Twelve mutas is frightening, ...
  • On a side note. in reply to This is awesome by SteppeLively

    Just play zerg. Feel the power of the swarm. And then only every play SC2:BW so that you can understand the true terror that is the zergling.
  • Obviously in reply to Why do you play Zerg? by PickledParsleyParty

    Zerg has access to the best period unit period in the game period. Zerglings are so crazy good, especially with metabolic boost, adrenal glands and +3 attack to the point that they can easily win a game for a player ...
  • Terran just figured it out faster. in reply to Balance issues with Terran by CourageEagle

    I feel as though Terran players have just figured out the new toys faster than other races. This might mean they're easier to use, but probably not. Not imbalanced, just right.
  • A couple of ideas, late to the game in reply to What kind of game would YOU make? by Day9

    First, I would create a space dog-fighter with realistic physics, like Babylon 5, but with completely modular fighters and tons of options for customization.