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  • About: I'm an aspiring animator, working in CG - mainly for games. I'm young, I'm manly, and I'll give you a mean h-...nevermind.
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  • Aw yeah in reply to Already set for hair by cohLysion

    Yeah, that's what I had. The renders in the top were done in maya with it's hair systems. Didn't have to worry about setting normals because I modelled it with that in mind.
  • Update in reply to DayKnight Symbol by AtomicTwinkie

    I did this today: https://sketchfab.com/models/d811b1d02207404780d9003b8609b1bd Sadly no hair but still
  • DayKnight Symbol

    So, I spent today in a super productive fashion. I made this: I hope you guys approve. And here's a version with no background.
  • I suppose in reply to Dude that's awesome! by Trumpetmcool

    Yeah, if you want me to do that I guess I can! It's very much a work in progress on the blog, but I might squeeze hard and get it up to date to try and make it a bit ...
  • Animation/CG Artist Thread

    Hey guys, Not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this (and feel free to inform me if it is so I may fix the mistake), but I was wondering wether anyone would be interested in getting ...