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  • New plushies in reply to Shop not working? by StarsKri

    Nope, had to switch accounts.www.azzysuniqueplushies.comI've added modifications to the bane, and other plushies.Plus SC stockings for Christmas will be coming soon :3:)I may open up custom requests for any plush in the near future too :)
  • New Baneling Pillow + Phoenix Plush in reply to StarCraft Plush! by AztecTemplar

    Baneling was fattened up.New Smaller Phoenix plush, in addition to the Phoenix 2.5 ft pillow.And for a short time the Baneling Cute Pillow :)Ultralisk still in the works.
  • Overlord Pillow in reply to StarCraft Plush! by AztecTemplar

    New Zerg Pillow!Overlord cuteness :)Will be up soon.It's rather a small Overlord based pillow :)
  • StarCraft Plush!

    Update: New plushies. Now open for any request people may have.Christmas stockings coming soon :)Just thought I'd post this out there for anyone interested. :)