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  • Competitor Roster in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament - Concluded by Bedouin

    Remember that all competitors will be listed in their assigned brackets HERE.Competitors1.) Gonzalo S. - FlyinPuncake#11652.) Chris C. - Vigilante576#19783.) David G. - Archimedes#12164.) Phoenix H. - Phoënix#29455.) Ryan K. - Greedo#15956.) Shawn S. - animhero#16677.) Chris K. - ckchessmaster#15368.) ...
  • DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament - Concluded

    Results: http://challonge.com/dayknighthearthstoneDecklists: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzUT96Dl5ptHYVN6eUdWeXQ4clE&usp=sharingYoutube Archive: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCITk0TRwXZQvf_MK-H08HzgTwitch Archive: http://www.twitch.tv/dayknighthearthstone
  • Should be the same in reply to Is it a different ladder? by BorgLeader

    As far as I know, the only division in ladders and player base is region. Therefore, anyone in NA whether on an iPad or PC/Mac should be within the same pool of people.
  • Further Discussion in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament by LordMatsu

    Michael Matsuhara, I'm really passionate about getting a DayKnight Tournament together and would love to talk with you one-on-one about how we can accomplish this together and as a community. I couldn't find a way to private message you here, ...
  • Insult vs Critique in reply to Good content, bad tone by Omega068

    Crow's preface wasn't an insult, it was the basis for the rest of his analysis. An insult would have been, "Sean is an idiot because he doesn't understand why he's losing." Instead, more simply out, Crow stated, "I don't think ...
  • Updates in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Friends List (NA) by Bedouin

    Thanks to all the DayKnights who have posted their info so far! It's been great to meet some of you in Hearthstone and I hope many more will join us.I'm posting again to let everyone know that I've updated my ...
  • Lawl in reply to Hearthstone movies starring Day[9] by aspera

  • Non-Streamers in reply to We may be able by LordMatsu

    I definitely think we should try to accommodate all players, both streamers and non-streamers alike. In the case of a game where only one streamer can stream/screen share, I argue that casters can still provide comedic commentary and it would ...
  • Another Method in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament by LordMatsu

    So in doing some research, specifically in how the ManaGrind Tournament is run, we could do something similar to this:http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/topic/9792649915So here's how it would work:1.) All participants, including players and spectators, would join a dedicated voice chat server (I have ...
  • Share Full Screen in reply to As Pleasant said by LordMatsu

    If we go the Skype/Hangout route, there will be an element of trust no matter what. That being said, maybe what we could do is simply have the two battlers share their ENTIRE screen, as opposed to just the Hearthstone ...
  • Intimate Trial Run in reply to It could happen by LordMatsu

    Frankly, if all we have are 8+/- DayKnights for the tournament, it may not be a bad idea to just use the opportunity to test different ways in which to run the tournament should it grow to more people in ...
  • Google+ Hangouts in reply to As of now by LordMatsu

    I'm not really sure if this will be helpful, but I almost feel as though there may be a way for all tournament participants to join a Google+ Hangout and simply screen share each battle. This isn't a completely fleshed ...
  • DayKnight Hearthstone Friends List (NA)

    My name is Michael and I'm an avid DayKnight and Hearthstone fan. I love playing Hearthstone and watching the Daily for all the same reasons you do. I've always felt like us DayKnights foster a special kind of community, so ...
  • Keep it fun. in reply to Tips on Getting Started by GamingPandaz

    I've raged over Hearthstone more than almost any other game and I've been gaming for almost 20 years now. After a lot of time has passed I finally came back and learned a lot more about how Hearthstone actually works ...
  • Add me! in reply to Looking for a coach / mentor / friends to play with ! :D by Hellhoundpro

    Hey dude, I'd love to help out where I can, if I can. I've learned a lot about Hearthstone in the last few months but still have a lot more left to learn. Totally down for playing with you and ...
  • Ditto in reply to Looking for coach/cool guys to play with by LYGFInsolence

    Hey man, this is kind of an old thread I guess, but I'm totally up for playing with any other DayKnights out there and learning more about the game together. I've had a love/hate relationship with Hearthstone and learned a ...
  • Count me in! in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament by LordMatsu

    I'd totally love to participate in the tournament but I'd also be willing to help with organizing, moderating, casting, etc. if any additional help is needed!
  • Post Daily in reply to Sean doesn't post "post dailies" by LordMatsu

    If anyone does happen to come across this by chance, PLEASE let us know. I'd love to see it. Thanks!
  • Hearthstone Giveaway Entry in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway #4-6 by WHiT3R4bBiT

  • Color of Money in reply to Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway #3 - Ancestral Spirit by WHiT3R4bBiT

    "Just don't put the money in the bank, kid. Hey, I'm back!" Famous, abridged, last lines of the Martin Scorsese classic "Color of Money." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=730Q-baXOhE