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  • Hearthstone Streamer? in reply to Sorry man by ChrispyK

    Despite the fact that he streams it three days a week, I would hardly consider Sean a hearthstone streamer. Also despite the fact that on his streams he has done little more than mention SC2 for over a year (not ...
  • Thanks to all! in reply to Help Wanted in Naming of Planets, Characters, etc for Space-RTS by Belisarii

    While it may only seem like a few names have been given, the help you guys have given thus far has been immeasurable. Not only were those names beneficial, but with each word also came many ideas for new words. ...
  • Help Wanted in Naming of Planets, Characters, etc for Space-RTS

    Myself and a group of people I an antiquated with are currently in the process of designing a game of similar design to that of the Total War games - except this game will be based in space, and will ...
  • eSports Team in reply to High School ESports Discussion and Development by SteppeLively

    After mentioning the idea to a friend, things really took off here. We have officially gotten staff sponsorship for an eSports team, and it looking like we will have in excess of 20 people. I am unsure about enough support ...