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  • I'll give it a go in reply to Help remembering a games name! by Iamapaladin

    have you checked out Golden Axe? Not exactly what you described but close...
  • There we go... in reply to Results by crusher137

    Good job! most people starting out playing sealed events dont even do that well, I think mtg is one of those games where you have to get beat a lot before you become decent...much like SC lol.
  • sealed deckbuilding in reply to NEWB NEEDS HELP AT FIRST SEALED DECK TOURNAMENT!!! by crusher137

    I played a 2nd pre-release event today and placed 2nd! I went with Boros guild and came with a selesnya pack ally. my previous comment will let you know the basics of sealed deckbuilding! From what I've seen at the ...
  • sealed deckbuilding in reply to Newb by josue.vasquez.334

    Might be a little late sry, Sealed is all about having creatures creatures and more creatures! seriously tho cheap efficient guys are what you look for and maybe 1-3 big cards (5 mana or more) to act as finishers and ...
  • MTG Dragon's Maze Pre-release this weekend!

    Anyone plan on playing in any? What guild will you choose? My store is having a Midnight tourny tonight and one on saturday and one on sunday. I rocked the Gatecrash tournys getting a 1st 2nd and 3rd place each ...
  • After all of these years of SC..

    Why isn't there a 1v1v1 tribal wars mode? where its always ZvTvP. Considering Sc being one game that has almost trully balanced gameplay with 3 different factions would it be crazy fun in a competitive format?
  • All for it! in reply to League of Legends by Dem

    I'd be all for helping to "be a better leaguer!"