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  • Solution is to ... in reply to Playin offline by jaiggle

    ..... make sure you're offline and the PS3 is disconnected BEFORE playing the game
  • Saving bug in reply to Saving bug! by Vforpeaceful

    I've been thinking the same thing - if it's not guaranteed that Sean can save his progress perhaps he'll wait until the issue is fixed? Then again, it doesn't seem to affect everyone all of the time, so maybe he'll ...
  • Poorly made in reply to how so? by pryocrazy

    Just really poorly made - it doesn't add anything to the original (except for new graphics and sound) and the gameplay is a real yawnfest.It does start off really well, but rapidly goes downhill.Must admit that I was never a ...
  • No it wouldn't in reply to Slender: The Arrival has been released... by juusoko

    Good god no, AVOID Slender: The Arrival - it's really REALLY bad.
  • Homeworld, etc in reply to Play Homeworld 1 by dowjin

    Homeworld is an excellent choice - I'm sure that Sean would love it. I'd also make thefollowing suggestions: Super Metroid Link's Awakening (Game Boy or GBA version)