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  • Welcome! in reply to What version of Magic the Gathering to play??? by crusher137

    Let's start with the Steam games. Those are Duels of the Planeswalkers. They're neat little single-player Magic experiences with campaigns against other Planeswalkers and really mind-bending challenges. I haven't really gotten into their multiplayer scene much. Also, I don't think ...
  • Deck List in reply to You too?!?! by jesse.hutchison.94

    You can find my decklist for Legacy here - and if you're on we should connect!
  • Good points... in reply to I think M:tG is kind of two games by Mr_WindUp_Bird

    ...and while I agree they are effectively different in terms of the skill sets needed to prevail (deck construction on the fly vs. indefinite time to set up beforehand), I have just as much fun drafting as I do playing ...
  • Burn Baby Burn in reply to GodElves by Sartan029

    I do like the sound of that! My deck for Legacy is straightforward monored burn. I surprise folks when they see I mainboard Sulfuric Vortex, but it's definitely won me games.
  • Legacy in reply to Day[9] & Magic: the Gathering by BlueInkAlchemist

    Moved my response to the proper post!
  • Day[9] & Magic: the Gathering

    I haven't yet seen a specific area for Magic: the Gathering discussion. I'm a big fan of the game, and I gather Day[9] is as well. In lieu of a dedicated group, let's dive into some planeswalking discussion. What are ...