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  • Recommendation about playing in reply to Metadating #6 - Katawa Shoujo (part 2) by Day9

    I would recommend you guys to play all routes. Not on-screen, just to play. All of the routes have different point of views, they deal with different parts of the main character. It's something complete, once you've saw from all ...
  • Aw yeah in reply to Metadating #6 - Katawa Shoujo (part 2) by Day9

    I really wanted to sleep this night. Looks like I'll not. Also playing Katawa Shojo here too.
  • Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

    By now, all of Day[9] community should be familiar with the Amnesia series. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a upcoming indirect sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descendant, using a whole new cast of characters and time setting, but in ...
  • Pretty much in reply to Katawa Shoujo by LordMatsu

    I'll end up clearing 100% soon.
  • title in reply to Your Computer Desktop by krisna.siv

    Pretty simple, since I don't like icons or anything on it.
  • Very nice book in reply to The Name of the Wind by Grails

    I did read it quite a while ago. It was indeed an awesome book, I like the storytelling format that they use in it, and the story itself it's pretty good. I still need to read the second one, Wise ...
  • All of them in reply to title by moezzie

    I see that everybody else tends to bind the main CC in a hotkey and the rest on another, but I don't see why this. If I need to go back to my main base, I just hit space sometimes ...
  • title in reply to Hotkeying Control Groups by Bru

    Generally I use 1 and 2 for army, 3 for scouting units. 4 I use for my CCs/Nexi/Hatcheries, as Terran 5 for rax, 6 for fac, 7 for port and the remaining keys for upgrades. As protoss, 5 for gateway(pre-warpgate)/robo, ...
  • Endgame isn't my type in reply to Diablo 3 by Snozberry

    It was a fun experience, but I think it ended quite fast. And the endgame isn't really what I like. Grinding for better gear and destroying a horde of monsters? Nah, I don't find it very fun at all. I ...
  • Back when the game was released in reply to When Did You Get into Day9 by Philosopher

    I remember I bought the game and just discovered eSports and competitive Starcraft. I watched tons of Husky video back then. One day I turned on Day9 Daily and it was a Funday Monday, I can't remember which was... But ...
  • Dota 2

    Hello my good folks! Opening a thread for general discussion and talk about Dota 2 here, since we don't have one already? Dota 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), sometimes called aRTS (action Real Time Strategy), a game ...
  • Oh boy in reply to Day[9] Fright Week: Amnesia: Justine Day1 by Day9

    Suddenly, my Halloween turned from Meh to EFFING AMAZING. GL HF, Sean, don't forget the rope.
  • Katawa Shoujo

    Not exactly a game, a Visual Novel, but since Day[9] is dealing with romantic games on MetaDating, I guess it's a good idea to bring this one here.
  • Like the game, but not fan of it as eSport. in reply to League of Legends by Lef

    I play almost everyday, there's always some friend of mine inviting me to play. I just don't look up to it's competitive scene because I find the games sorta of boring to watch. Still, these changes that you talked about ...
  • Used to have some Race issues in reply to Race Choice Problems by Brakepoint

    I remember when I started SC2, I played Protoss in majority, sometimes played Zerg, never Terran. Terran playstyle just didn't go with me. As the game developed itself, I felt more and more attracted to Terran but everytime I tried ...
  • Not to improve anymore in reply to Do you watch Day[9] to improve at Starcraft or for a different reason? by medivh

    I used to watch to improve in the game, but I already sorta of gave up on this. Still, the show is pretty entertaining and Starcraft 2 is fun to spectate. Plus Day[9] is awesome. Also, ladies tips in Day[9] ...