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  • This reminds me of... in reply to DayWut emote concept by I_took_a_mint

    sock puppet Day[9] / jabba the hutt
  • :D in reply to I am running at Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) by Kleinschmidt.Jeff

    Hi! I watched the vods for your JKA speedrun. Great job on explaining all the things you were doing, it was very entertaining to watch! P.S: Where does the take a bath thing come from?
  • Xb1 custom controllers

    # fancy a Day[9] themed controller? :)P.S: Sadly the yellow is not the specific Day[9] yellow :(
  • Professor[9]'s Fibonacci Lesson

    So Sean said in his video that the process of math involved slowly and methodically going through each step in such a way that you agree with them and then moving on to the next. One way I know of ...
  • Dat face in reply to Sean smiling playing against Blue/Black by LordMatsu

    Hide yo' daughters, hide yo' wives, Sean is charming everybody out there.
  • Yes! in reply to Game suggestion, Blade Runner (1997 Westwood Studios) by Astromachine

    Oh that is an excellent suggestion :) I actually want to play this now!
  • Title2 in reply to title by coloradoerin

    I've been checking up on this as well. It's odd that they haven't been put up yet, the videos are usually up by the time I wake up on tuesday. I hope they get posted soon. Need my weekly dose ...
  • I hope in reply to I don't think by LordMatsu

    One year, they make Amnesia with Oculus Rift support. Just imagine the result.
  • I don't think in reply to Well that wasnt necessary by DeanyyBoy

    I highly doubt Matsu meant any disrespect when he made his comment about subbing. I just think he followed his previous statement about Sean probably not dropping sub mode. That is, I think he meant, assuming sub mode is not ...
  • Visualizing algorithms

    I came across this webpage recently and I found it to be both quite instructive and very elegant. So I figured I'd link it here so more people can enjoy it:
  • You're welcome in reply to Very interesting by AquaMarine

    Looking forward to seeing your end result :)
  • I thought you might enjoy... in reply to Building a Custom Computer Desk by AquaMarine

  • I hope in reply to I wouldn't be surprised... by travis.willard.96

    he gives us a tour of the new place ^.^ IIRC he did a similar thing with his (now ex) appartment, its on youtube somewhere
  • Brilliant in reply to Done! by travis.willard.96

    I cant stop grinning. This is so... I have no words xD
  • Heh... in reply to Wallpaper by travis.willard.96

    I wanted to shop it on one of those pictures of olympic diving athletes but I don't have photoshop installed on this computer. Cant wait to see that wallpaper of yours.
  • I was wondering about that too in reply to Notification emails by Para199x

    I just checked my emails and was surprised to see nearly 10 of them from Day9.
  • Dang! in reply to I got into Game Design! by misread_

    Congratulations :D Good luck and most of all have fun!
  • The tease! (Tweet by Day[9]) in reply to Spellslingers Season 2 by Scav

    @day9tv 50m Guess what I'm filming right now @GeekandSundry 8) wonder who's elbow that is, any guesses?
  • I just hope... in reply to Google plans to buy Twitch by saintgeminis

    we won't need a Google+ account to watch Twitch in the future. Otherwise I think Google can bring some interesting things to the table. I mean, they do own Youtube after all.
  • Awesome! in reply to It took time, but we got it back guys! by Kitty4Cat

    That is some really great news :D