David Brach

  • Location: Toledo, Ohio
  • About: College student working towards a secondary teaching degree in science. I will play just about anything except sports or driving games (arcade ones are fine though). Been in Bronze since SC II came out but I don't care, canon rushing is far to fun to ladder correctly :)
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  • All Mid College Invitational- Oct. 3rd & 4th

    Hey everyone I just wanted to let my fellow Dayknights know that I will be shout casting the Hearthstone section of the All Mid at the University of Cincinnati (OHIO) this weekend. There is a competitive and open tournament with ...
  • I'm going with a friend every day :) in reply to Red Bull Battlegrounds: Detroit by pure27

    I live in a suburb just south of Toledo, which is south of Detroit and while the water issue is going on it should not be an issue on the 22nd. I go up to the auto show every year ...