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  • About: Information technology consultant for Information Control Corporation and administrator of Currently in gold league after not playing for a season. Been watching the daily since about episode 225.
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  • I will definitly check out the beta in reply to Blog #9: Artillery's Gaming Platform - A Video Demo! by Day9

    Anything with this much user customization is great! User created content is what made WC3 last so long and you can do amazing things with the SC2 editor if you know a bit of programming.Still hesitent though with the whole ...
  • State of the Blog in reply to Blog #7.0: Tournaments 101 Continued by Day9

    Sean, are you done updating this blog? You haven't had any entries in the last 3 months. I would even like to read about your life as a caster, how busy you are, what it's like to prepare for MLG.
  • Varying Levels of Education in reply to If you could redesign school: by Day9

    Day[9], while I agree with your post, I think there are additional aspects of schooling that are being left out. Whether it be a language that is more like the English (i.e. Spanish, French) or something a little bit more ...
  • Being an Adult in reply to How's your winter break? by Day9

    I'm up to being a big boy and working full time.
  • Not sure how to respond in reply to Dudes... Should the duel be reintroduced to Politics? by ErnieBaby

    So I'll try the rationale approach.
  • I enjoyed this game in reply to Terraria by Zade

    I enjoyed this game a decent amount. I play Minecraft far more than Terraria, perhaps I should give it a go again with a few of my friends.
  • Possibly in reply to Day9's Latest Blog by zach.williams.5682

    I may be interested, but I would need to hear some kind of plan in terms of what you're thinking of doing.
  • Both in reply to Do you watch Day[9] to improve at Starcraft or for a different reason? by medivh

    I watch him so I can learn about general timings or general strategy. When he goes too far in depth he is talking about a game at a completely different level than my league. I also watch for the entertainment ...
  • Black Widow in reply to Good Mechanical Keyboards by Johny

    I've been using Razor's Black Widow for over 2 years now and I absolutely love it. I love the rebound and the sound of typing. It's the only mechanical keyboard I've ever used and I see a lot of pros ...
  • I know

    I understand, just giving him a bit of poke so he knows that we're still interested in what he has to say.
  • Played It in reply to Guild Wars 2 by Musick

    Enjoyed it a little bit, but it's still a pretty standard hotkey MMO, but with a greater emphasis on faction v faction combat. May play again, but probably won't.
  • Excited I am. in reply to The Tyrant Cometh. by YellOwSky

    I'm so excited to see what he can bring to the Zerg race. With so many options available to us in Heart of the Swarm, I really hope he shines as a leading Zerg in 2013.
  • Who is Butterednuts? in reply to Who is The global Day[9]-community? by NaahsTea

    I am! Where are you from? Ohio, within the United States. Do you wake up for the shows? Nope, I'm lucky enough to be able to watch them right before I go to bed. Sometimes I don't because I actually ...
  • More Blogs?

    Are you done with this blog? You were updating it on a weekly basis before and now it's been well over a month since your last entry. I would like to read more about your view of tournaments as a ...
  • Key Please in reply to HOTS Beta Keys (For the swarm!) by Musick

    I would love a key if you're still giving them out!
  • Daily in reply to Lone Star Clash 2 Day 1 by Day9

    No more dailies this week? *sadface*
  • Steam ID in reply to Steam by rsm241

  • Zerg race changing to Protoss

    So I've been playing Zerg ever since the release of this game. I've kinda fallen out of StarCraft II from a playing aspect. I still browse TL everyday and I still watch the Day9 Daily when I remember to. I ...
  • Foreseen in reply to Starcraft Vs Leauge of Legends Esports Scene by DDthekingg

    I think this kind of depression was forseen and was expected by a lot of people. Just like any new game, there is a ton of hype around its release. Due to the great success of Brood War, people had ...
  • She's not bad in reply to Sona, best support poke ever by LordMatsu

    Don't get me wrong she is not bad at all. She's absolutely fabulous in lane and during any team fight scenario with that AOE stun. Whenever I play support (a lot), I play Sona. If I can't play Sona, I ...