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  • Oh Dang in reply to Toejam & Earl by SteppeLively

    Many an hour of great fun I spent playing Toejam and Earl. Oh how beautiful that game is.
  • Bugs! Bugs everywhere! in reply to Twitch for ios by Mannomorth

    Twitch for IOS is really funky. It's pretty buggy for me, and I've had similar issues. All I can say is to delete and re-install the app. It's worked for me before. Sorry I can't help more!
  • To be honest... in reply to 2013 I should poll the audience as to what they want! by Day9

    In my opinion at least, I think that you might want to do the daily after 5:00 PST, just because that's when the majority of people get off of work. VODs are nice to have and all, but nothing really ...
  • Actually... in reply to TJ + E by Calvatron

    If you have a link to the download, I would absolutely love it, so that I too, may rock out to Toe Jammin'.
  • TJ + E in reply to Day[9]'s Playlist and Songs of the Day by Day9

    Mr. Sean, I was lovin' Toejam and Earl on tonight's stream. Can this please please PLEASE happen again?
  • Check this out in reply to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare! by Bru

    # I found this video to be incredibly hilarious. XD
  • title in reply to Favorite TV Shows by ntucker

    I actually don't watch a ton of T.V. It's just not something I'm terribly crazy about. HOWEVER, I've taken a liking to The Walking Dead. Any of you guys watch it?
  • Mine in reply to Forgot my Favorite episode by itsbecca

    That one's hilarious, but I'd have to say that my favorite is the mothership rush one. When he started talking about Disney Land... Oh my god... I died...
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  • TBH in reply to Race Choice Problems by Brakepoint

    Y'know, I play Terran, and I've kind of hit the monstrous brick wall that is platinum. I think I win close to 30% of my TvZs, HOWEVER, I love my race, and I always root for Terran players in tournaments. ...
  • [H] TvZ Mech Builds. I need 'em!

    Can anyone link me to a tutorial of a mech build for TvZ? I really liked MVP's Hellion aggression this week in the GSL Finals, and I'd love to try that double factory build that he did. If anyone can ...