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  • Upgrades in reply to ZvZ +1 Roach Defence by BUNGHOLE

    Upgrades are key. If you scout that he's going roaches, you need to build your own roach warren and two evo chambers immediately. When I open against zerg I usually pull off gas after I get 150 gas (Enough for ...
  • Thats an awesome idea in reply to Go Ultra! by bryan.lamb.167

    I really like this idea. Guess I didn't think about the economic advantage I'd have over them. I guess I need to just stay aggressive with them. I have a pretty sweet ultra build I used to do. 14 lings, ...
  • Swarm in reply to Mid game Swarm Host by cliff.tam

    Yea been trying mutas and can typically outrun them. They usually hit me with a PDD so I can't even kill them and that's stupid. Haven't tried Viper though. Maybe that could help given how expensive ravens are, kills are ...
  • ZvT Mass Ravens

    Whats the best way to deal with this? I'm typically aggressive but this is almost always a 100% loss for me. Any feedback?