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  • Harass. in reply to Maybe I missed something? by ntucker

    None of those ways are good when you're trying to harass, you are forced to do things that are actually, well, really bad to do. The Mutalisk Harass: You have to sacrifice 1 Muta / Mine, and he gets warned ...
  • I continued his Invalid comparison. in reply to Not valid comparison by ntucker

    Seriously, you don't call his comparison 'invalid'? The only thing he said was that Widow Mines are Automated, that makes Banelings better, and Banelings are STILL cheaper.He didn't bring up the facts I said up there.
  • And... in reply to Widow Mines vs Banelings by Merkvah

    Widow Mines attack Air, and Do so much more damage, and has range.But yes, I see your point, but I feel like this wil completely stop people from doing early pressure.Against Protoss, the Mine one-shots every gateway unit and it ...
  • :) in reply to Detection? by ntucker

    OK, so I don't think this is necessary to make people be scared of cloaked (or burrowed) units, I don't really think a Zerg should be forced to rush a Lair to be able to detect, of course you can ...
  • Thank you! I guess! in reply to Day[9] Daily #511 - QXC using mines in HotS! by Day9

    Just some thoughts about the Widow Mine:I think that people talk too much about how you can use it aggressively, if it keeps a high main target damage, Terrans will be pretty much immune to harass if they put one ...