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  • I like to Proxy Hatch in reply to Proxy Hatch by DaveSprite

    Every Terran who bunker rushes me receives a proxy hatch with my scouting drone. Why break out of a contain when I can make units right outside of your base?
  • ...Possibly? in reply to Proxy Nexus by NervousGuy

    You could make a strong contain with that, but you'd need to keep your mothership core at his natural with a small army (that you can always recall home). It has potential, but you'll be very VERY vulnerable to counterattacks ...
  • any thoughts? in reply to Funday Monday Topics by Xdeathknight

    Reaper Crazy: Terran must continually make reapers throughout the game. Should lead to a lot of fun micro.Fear of Commitment: You must always avoid a direct engagement with your opponent unless you are defending.All In: Bring 15 workers with every ...