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  • Not that bad in reply to Who Else hates cthun decks? by SyBuddy

    Emperor 7 can be a little scary, but other than that most of the C'thun cards are just vanillas. If you're able to keep some removal for when C'thun drops you'll usually be fine. I used to get real salty ...
  • WoToG Velen OTK

    # Been having a lot of fun with Velen OTK since Embrace the Shadows is so great with it. Replacing Mind Blast with Flash Heal allows for greater survivability, and with so many other sources of healing/ damage (Darkshire Alchemist, ...
  • EtS Velen OTK! in reply to The Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular Request Thread by MexicanAce

    Maybe I missed it but I'm suprised that Day[9] has never done a Velen OTK spectacular. Ever since Embrace the Shadows has entered my life I've been having an absolute blast with this type of deck. A single EtS + ...