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  • Clearly you havn't seen Gaulzi play before in reply to Maybe It's Semantics, But That's Not Cheese by SLOThief

    He can cannon rush and transition out and still win. So, your point is kinda moot. and i am trying to figure out a good counter, just annoying trying to find a good one.
  • Screw it, I'm done.

    Just finished midterms and was hoping for a weekend full of SC2. However, the last 12 games i've played have ALL been cheeses. This is what you have to look forward to if you're around Rank 40 Silver. (my rank)
  • I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree agreeably in reply to Slow down- be serious by dave

    "to start off, you call terran using marine/medivac drop "1 base bullsh*t." it is a very viable strategy (obviously) within their disposal, and if they can beat you with it on 1 base, it certainly isn't BS"
  • Terran players rustle my jimmies

    Silver Protoss player, here. Whenever i play vs Terran i keep getting wrecked by 1 base bullsh*t and i'm pretty fed up with it. I'll get blink stalkers and voids off 2 bases and the Terran player will just start ...