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  • 100% Category is go! in reply to Speedrunning Quest for Glory 1 by Crow.

    Tonight, starting at 8:00 EDT / 5:00 PDT I'll be playing QFG1 as the Magic User class, with the objective of getting 500 / 500 points. I expect completed runs to take around 45 minutes. As always, I'll be at ...
  • Action RPGs are my norm in reply to Nice Run by cshoemaker

    I hold the 1 controller category world record for Secret of Mana, and I'm about 15 seconds slower than the world record for the no out of bounds category in Final Fantasy Adventure.In other news, yesterday I completed a run ...
  • Game crashes near end... in reply to Speedrunning Quest for Glory 1 by Crow.

    Several of my runs are dying in the final room due to the game crashing. My best time so far (as the Thief) is around 20 minutes, though that was one of the times I crashed before the credits began.Here's ...
  • I highlight good runs in reply to Speed Running FTW by cshoemaker

    When I'm proud of a run, I go ahead and highlight it on my Twitch page. My results last night weren't up to my standards yet.I'll be running QFG1 again tonight starting at 7:00EDT / 4:00 PDT. Hopefully I'll get ...
  • Speedrunning Quest for Glory 1

    Seeing QFG1 in Day[9]'s Mostly Walking series reminded me how much I like that game, and my usual background in gaming is speed running SoM and FFA. So, I've been speed running QFG1 for a bit! I'm not sure whether ...
  • Onyxia in reply to Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #40 - Frostwyrm Lair Day 2 by Day9

    Kel'Thuzad is a convenient excuse to play the generally unplayable Onyxia. It fits the bill of being a late game finisher (provided you have board control going into any particular turn) which doesn't get wrecked by his eventual hero power. ...
  • Rank has little meaning in reply to At what level are you good? by DeanyyBoy

    Hearthstone's ranking system is inflationary: the total number of stars that players have increases over the course of the season. This leads to a situation where players of a given skill level should increase their rank over the course of ...
  • Deck should be more focused in reply to Some suggestions please? by Shikyo

    This deck seems conflicted to me - not as badly as Day[9]'s Subtlefail deck, but there's quite a bit of material that, while strong, doesn't really play with the rest of it.Bite's the biggest offender here. It doesn't do that ...
  • No longer Beta in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament by LordMatsu

    Will the tournament still happen despite Hearthstone no longer being in beta?
  • Soul of the Forest deck

    The following deck does well in the current meta dominated primarily by super greedy control and charge based Hunters - and it features no legendaries, so that's a bonus. The highest rank I reached with it so far is rank ...
  • Here was my reasoning in reply to Still by Omega068

    The reason I took the time out to make an account and write this post was because I felt that there was a glaring gap in Sean's analysis in his Hearthstone streams. I have full faith in Sean's ability to ...
  • Rules questions in reply to DayKnight Hearthstone Tournament by LordMatsu

    Who knows our decklists? The tournament organizer only, or every opponent? - If only the TO, is that person refraining from playing in the tournament, and how will other players know that you're following your declared decklist? Will other players ...
  • 4 paths to victory in Hearthstone - and why Day[9]'s Subtlepaw fails

    Watching Day[9] stream Hearthstone (and in particular how he plays his Subtlepaw deck) leaves me with the impression that he both doesn't have, and doesn't consider that perhaps he should have, any metric for measuring how good a play is. ...