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  • About: Hey, I'm Cory XD (Or Croy07 if you perfer :P) And I've started getting into STarcraft 2 because of good ol' Day9. He's helping me improve it, and I'm a new zerg! Looking forward to seeing more Day9 and playing Starcraft 2! Sadly wont be able to get HotS for a while, so I'm learning good ol' WoL.
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  • Bubububububu... D: in reply to Better Server!! by Saulens181

    But I'm NC and I love kittens!
  • Thank you! in reply to Zerg Newbie Wants some Budz! by Croy07

    For you three and whoever else might stumble upon this post, Thank you so much for wanting to help! I'd love to just play some fun games and practice games and just have some friends on Starcraft and stuff. Everyone ...
  • Zerg Newbie Wants some Budz!

    So! I've never really posted anything before, so not sure how to start, so I'll start by saying: Hey, I'm new at starcraft 2, Goin' zerg, finding it a lot of fun... Except It's really difficult for me to get ...