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  • Unenthusiastic maybe? in reply to Mostly Walking Feedback Thread by Day9

    I believe someone else has commented on this - but I feel I noticed this most with Grim Fandango. It felt towards the end there was less focus on the dialog and the things happening in the game, and more ...
  • Final Fantasy VII or Netrunner in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - HearthStone laddering by Day9

    Just go for it. See how far you can get in 6(ish) hours. Lose yourself in the fantasy :)|Or, try playing some Netrunner on OCTGN! You like MtG, you should love Android Netrunner. I stream it every Wednesday on twitch ...
  • A lot it seems ;) in reply to It happens by Xdeathknight

    I'm fairly new to the scene tbh - only started quick matches on the ladder today although have lost 4 so far, haha!Need more practice and focus tbh. I'm sure I'll learn :)
  • Same issue in reply to Forum/Username by LordMatsu

    I have the same issue - I'm showing up as dan.ives.90 whereas I'd rather show up as a different name; this is because of connecting via Facebook. I see space to add a first and last name, but no display ...
  • TvEveryone in reply to Self Hating Thread by Xdeathknight

    Supply blocked. Over and over.
  • Where am I - scary game by the people behind Slender

    Just thought I would hazard a mention at this one - http://www.parsecproductions.net/games/whereami.html It's made by the same people who did slender, lasts around 5 minutes and plays in your browser (with Unity3D). I thought before SCP or w/e is played, ...