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  • :) in reply to Nice Job! by nathangrave04

    You are most welcome!!! :D
  • true in reply to Quit after winning. by anna.harlinska

    yea....starting to regret that i didnt ! :(
  • oO snap! in reply to Super good :) by LordMatsu

    Oh mate you are right....i completely missed them. Damn....sorry for that....also thank you for pointing it out.! :)
  • Death Count in Limbo!!

    By DarkScreen Productions with love .... here is the video , tell me what you think
  • To Day[9] , Please read this.

    Hello Day[9] , Just wanted to give you a heads up , in your business@day9.tv , shoutcasting@day9.tv and on your FaceBook page inbox, i have send you an e-mail. If you be so kind to read it...i don't want to ...