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  • Trouble finding specific match

    Anyone remember that one match Sean was playing a warrior, he ended up with like 20 armor and full health, against some other warrior, who somehow managed to do ~50 damage in one turn?
  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off (more) suggestions! by Day9

    Saw Jesse Cox play it, it was awesome, you should totally play it
  • Pokemon? in reply to Day[9] Day off suggestions! by Day9

    I'd be fairly happy if he played any Pokemon game, although I think the earlier ones would be funnier, especially if it's a nuzlocke. http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nuzlocke_Challenge, for those who don't know what a nuzlocke is
  • The topics in reply to Newbie Tuesday, Want it back? by BigHippoHunter

    If he does bring back Newbie Tuesday I don't think he really needs to have particular topics like "Send me replays of siege tanks eating you at the J minute mark!"I think it would be great even if he just ...
  • Dang in reply to Not that easy by shindigs

    Ah well, at least the idea would still be really cool to revive Funday Monday if he grabs random room mates or something, or hell, even better, viewers!
  • It doesn't just continue the build? in reply to Need a minimum of 2 players by shindigs

    The AI doesn't just continue doing the same thing that was originally being done in the replay?
  • New Day[9] "Special" Idea

    With that awesome new resume from replay feature, I thought it would be hilarious to see Day9 go through Funday Monday submissions or something like that and essentially be hilarious with power as he commands the replay and makes games ...
  • Carriers + Tempests? in reply to Day[9] Daily #513 - Laddering - choose my builds! by Day9

    Lots of early expansions with cannons into a toss air army utilizing carriers and tempests backing them up? I usually like getting an air army as toss