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  • It's odd, you know? in reply to The World has lost Someone Great today by LordMatsu

    Someone we didn't meet, someone many didn't know, and yet he impacted our lives in ways I would not have believed had I not experienced them. The man pushed himself so hard, he inspired me in part to take up ...
  • Better late than never, I guess in reply to DayKnight Time Volunteer Weekly List by Trumpetmcool

    Eduardo "Darthkvzn" Valdés - I'd volunteer for Tweeter, mostly. Update speaker...I would volunteer as a backup, since I'm not entirely sure what's coming for me personal life-wise. I'm in Central México, of course. GMT -6
  • No problem in reply to Internet by Fawxkitteh

    Just say when you can do it, and I'll see if I can :D
  • So sorry! in reply to Darthkvzn by Fawxkitteh

    Have been really busy with real life events. I have tomorrow night off and probably most of sunday, too.
  • Pushing 5000 words! in reply to Darth is now writing - and publishing! by Darthkvzn

    Third chapter of my second story, Silence, is up now. It's called "The Little Goddess In Her Head" which just makes me giggle from here to Hyrule. I'll politely ask everyone to give it a chance! I feel like ...
  • And if you really are interested... in reply to If this seems non-sensical... by Darthkvzn

    I should probably provide the links, huh. They're very short stories so far, my first being about 570 words, and my second, mnow multi-chaptered, is pushing 1800 as of the first chapter. for both!
  • If this seems non-sensical... in reply to Darth is now writing - and publishing! by Darthkvzn

    It's probably because I've been awake for an insane amount of time. I think my story wasn't affected by my lack of sleep, though.
  • Darth is now writing - and publishing!

    I've finally gathered up the courage to put my thoughts into actual words, and I must say I'm pleased with the results. I have now two published Legend of Zelda stories in . Both are set in the Skyward ...
  • You are terrible at selling this to me (you know what I mean) in reply to Funday Monday Tournament (finished) by manbon

    DarthKvzn #665 I think? Twitch name is of course Darthkvzn
  • Hahahaha! Heck yeah! in reply to (day)Hmmmm by Melville.CZE

    I would be honored to have an achievement named after me and/or my laugh :P
  • There's a few things I'd like to consider in reply to hahaha yes that sounds awesome! by gray.timothyjames

    Man, I hadn't even considered progression achievements. We could do just DayKnights, or like you said we could include stream related achievements. It would present the problem of EU and American Knights not always knowing each other. So they'd probably ...
  • DayKnight Achievements

    So I was tweeting the other day (shameless self plug, follow me @darthkvzn), and just for fun tweeted that I'd gotten an unironic greeting from famous Knight Formicform. For comical effect I just used the hashtag #DayKnightAchievementUnlocked. I'm thinking we ...
  • Thanks! in reply to Moving by travis.willard.96

    Glad you liked it :D and thanks again!
  • They say sharing is caring in reply to The feels by GhostStalker

    And I certainly care a whole lot about all of you guys! It fills my heart with warmth (probably should get that checked with a doctor, huh) to know I'm someone people want to be around. I could never leave ...
  • Thank you so much! in reply to Oh by tentative_panda

    Regardless of the timing, I appreciate your birthday wish :D and I'm very glad I could give you chills, as you might have guessed, English is my second language and as an aspiring writer I like to challenge myself to ...
  • Thank you! in reply to dude by manbon

    I'm very glad you liked it Bon :D it means a lot coming from one of the most widely known and loved Knights! Let's keep the laughter alive :D
  • It's definitely true in reply to Sharing the love by BrilliantMaster

    Every day (and it would seem lately this applies in terrible and much more frequent ways) we see the worst humanity has to offer through the marvel that is the Internet. That we stand as a testament that not everyone ...
  • Glad you liked it! in reply to Super hug to Eduardo :) by idlesatire

    It is quite the experience, isn't it? I shall accept the birthday DayHug, however late it may be! <3 I'm glad I did the experience justice!
  • Birthday Reflections

    Today, I turned 20 years old. While this fact is somewhat irrelevant to the purpose of this message, it did spur the line of thinking! All my life I've struggled to find a place in society; be it as a ...
  • You deserve it in reply to Wild Faust hibernating in his natural habitat by GMFaustus

    If the state we saw you on the hangout yesterday is any indication, you need much more :P