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  • That actually sounds fantastic in reply to Would make more sense for Terran by zeek

    But hard to implement
  • Yup in reply to No ads?? by Ariadax

    It's part of subscribing. Read the description!
  • IdrA, Scarlett, Vibe would have a field day in reply to Ah okay by Riuna

    with reaper ling/blings. IdrA and Vibe more so than Scarlett because they seem to favor ling heavy styles in all matchups. The game would be broken forever and everyone would be zerg.
  • I'm not saying it's a bad idea in reply to ohhh by Ianuarius

    Just a terrifying one.
  • Still no effect on economy in reply to ohhh by Ianuarius

    Z would never send out an inject queen, they'd just do some nydus play or something similar to get a creep queen to the other side of the map. Same thing was popular when people were first messing around with ...
  • The first one in reply to Wait what? by Riuna

    It'll be like stim was in the campaign. No research in-mission required.
  • That's already in HotS in reply to Thihihi by Riuna

    Lings and Blings have an upgrade in hots story that essentially makes them reapers, no in game upgrade needed.
  • As Terran in reply to What do you think of this sorta feature by Ianuarius

    I would shit bricks. Uncontrollably. Unless it was at Hive tech or super late game, it would make all ins and run by's ridiculously effective.
  • Thanks in reply to Watch through by LordMatsu

    I'll watch the next daily through twitch directly. It's just weird because I thought that the live thing just opened up a twitch window, kind of like the TL live streams.
  • Subscriber Weirdness

    Ok I was just wondering if any of the other subscribers were having commercials again. I'm pretty sure that was part of subscribing and supporting Day9 was the lack of commercials, but now everytime I load the stream (or if ...
  • DTs are the worst in reply to Fair Enough by Firewing2

    There is a reason Day9 has the rhyme "When behind, Dark Shrine." I have lost games I was literally years ahead because of DTs hitting when I didn't have scans or turrets up.
  • That's where learning happens in reply to Good tip by Firewing2

    First off, I'm going to repeat point 1) Don't play to win. It is not the objective when you're working on your mechanics. Human games just are inherently different, and that's ok. Don't sweat it.
  • Don't learn a build in reply to [H] Where do I even start? by Firewing2

    whoah what? That sounds totally contradictory right? How do you starcraft without a build?
  • Whoah! in reply to Hate 1v1, so I play team games instead. by Meg

    Go you! That's really awesome that you can still play after an injury like that, and it's really cool that you have friends who play with you like that! Do you have a mouse with the thumb buttons on the ...
  • That's pretty much what I did in reply to build marines and attack. by cliff.tam

    The timings just lined up weirdly. I was confused and not playing like I should have but if finished by the time my 3rd rax was down and second marine was pumping at it and they kept going until the ...
  • Proxy Hatch

    Ok so this is obviously not a very high level question, but here we go. Having made it to gold league, I thought I had seen almost every all-in and cheese (still haven't met the blink all-in yet but I'll ...
  • Great Idea in reply to Bronze-Silver-Gold Tournament! by itsCONTEND

    but give some forwarning next time. Maybe a week or so in advance would be nice. Would have shuffled my day around had I known about this sooner.
  • I like Razer in reply to Keycaps by Quakecomm

    And the Black Widow has the aforementioned Cherry MX switches. Personal preference here, I love the keyboard. But shop around any keyboard your interested in should have a faq telling you things like that because companies like to toot their ...
  • Good and Bad in reply to Unranked Matches add a touch of friendliness to sc2 by Marveck

    I totally agree that unranked play is good for whenever you're not quite up to the stress of ladder, but that has a flip side too. While I've had totally chill games and nice people, the opposite happened often enough ...
  • Don't Sweat It. in reply to Newbie resource/food awareness by Optimoos

    Look at things this way: you're in bronze for a reason. Bronze league is honestly where I got the fundamentals down, which meant I lost a LOT (we're talking 20+ game loss streaks). An issue you're probably having is not ...