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  • Day[9] Daily #111 – SC2 Lucifront TvZ Style

    Day[9] focuses on a Terran opening that begins with Reapers to induce problems in the Zerg base, forcing Units and killing Drones. He then transitions to a Marauder Helion-centric army, mixing in Thors and Medivacs to allow for continued harass.
  • Day[9] Daily #110 – Dealing with Losing

    Day[9] addresses the effects of losing and how best to reflect upon and respond to a loss as exemplified by a game he lost to his brother Tasteless.
  • Day[9] Daily #109 – SC2 Nony’s Phoenixes PvT

    Day[9] analyzes Nony's aggressive, Phoenix-based, PvT opening. This is a follow-up to Day[9] Daily #108, which focuses on Nony's PvP Phoenix openings.
  • Day[9] Daily #108 – SC2 Nony’s Phoenixes PvP

    Day[9] does a build analysis on Nony's early Phoenix build and harass style of play. Part 1
  • Day[9] Daily #107 – Kal vs Really @ Polaris Rhapsody

    Day[9] focuses on the map, Polaris Rhapsody, and does a map analysis during this Daily. Part 1
  • Day[9] Daily #106 – Pure vs Fantasy @ Eye of the Storm

    Day[9] looks at a game between Pure and Fantasy, analyzing the players' builds and decision making. He suggests the player focus on the big picture in order to win. Pure makes the mistake of having slow Zealots, which Day[9] uses ...
  • Day[9] Daily #105 – Diuehilde’s ZvZ #2

    Day[9] continues his analysis of Diehilde's ZvZ build and how an early defensive Roach play can help transition into a Mutalisk-focused mid-game.
  • Day[9] Daily #104 – Diehilde’s ZvZ #1

    Day[9] takes a look at a replay pack from Diehilde. He then analyzes Diehilde's build for a Roach early game, transitioning into a Mutalisk-focused mid-game.
  • Day[9] Daily #103 – USC vs OSU CSL Cast

    Day[9] presents completely unbiased coverage of the College Starcraft League playoffs between USC and OSU. Part 1
  • Day[9] Daily #102 – DeMusliM vs HasuObs

    Day[9] suffers major lag/stream issues when trying to cast games from the Razor Domination Tournament. To make up for it, he does analysis of these tournament games between DeMusliM and HasuObs. Day[9] looks at some early game tactics and build ...
  • Day[9] Daily #101 – KawaiiRice PvT Style

    Day[9] explores an early expanding build to help hold off early Warp Gate pressure. He examines three games played by the same 2 players (KawaiiRice and Azz), and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of this build against multiple variations of ...
  • Day[9] Daily #100 – My Life of Starcraft

    Day[9] explains his life inside and outside of Starcraft. Required viewing. Part 1
  • Day[9] Daily #240 – Morrow vs White-Ra

    Day[9] analyzes game one from the scReddit Invitational Grand Finals: MorroW vs White-Ra. He demonstrates how Zerg should deal with early timings, such as the 5 gate. Day[9] also demonstrates what to after holding such a push.
  • Day[9] Daily #239 – Choose Your Own Adventure: HuK vs NesTea ZvP

    Day[9] uses a live voting system to create a 'choose your own adventure' for the live audience. As a result, he analyzes a ZvP late game between HuK and NesTea involving lots of Mutalisk harass and shows the Protoss' counterattack ...
  • Day[9] Daily #238 – Top Korean TvT

    Day[9] turns his attention to TvT and explains the possible uses of a cloak Banshee in order to control an opponent's Units and force them to the back of the main. He also addresses how patience is key when trying ...
  • Day[9] Daily #237 – Funday Monday: Nydus Crazy

    For this Funday Monday, viewers submitted replays in which they only attacked through the use of Nydus Worms and had at least two worms at some point during the game.
  • Day[9] Daily #236 – Machine vs KiWiKaKi: ZvP Analysis

    Day[9] shows how KiWiKaKi creatively solves problems by thinking ahead in this a ZvP tournament match from the SCReddit Invitational. Part 1 Watch on Blip
  • Day[9] Daily #235 – Zerg vs Zerg Opening Builds

    In this shorter Daily, Day[9] runs through a ZvZ build two times--each time using a slight variation to see how it affects the rest of the game.
  • Day[9] Daily #234 – Strelok vs Stephano: ZvT Analysis

    Day[9] explores Stephano's Roach Infestor play. Instead of Baneling, Zergling, Mutalisk, Day[9] reveals an interesting mid-game unit mix from Stephano - one that combats Strelok's play very well! The brilliance of Stephano's play is not so much in the composition ...
  • Day[9] Daily #233 – TLO vs WhiteRa

    Day[9] suggests that while it is good to focus on the fundamentals of StarCraft, it is sometimes fun to sit back and watch a zany crazy game! In this Daily, he looks at a base for decision-making when everything else ...