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  • Day[9] Daily #407 – Grubby vs Sheth – ZvP decision making

    Day[9] focuses on how Protoss can deal with Zerg players making three fast hatcheries as a response to Forge FE. He does this by looking at harass timings and investigating early/midgame expanding patterns overall.
  • Day[9] Daily #314 – Who is Hwangsin?

    [NO THUMBNAIL] Day[9] analyzes the amazing Hwangsin, a player who came out of nowhere to decimate everyone at the Team Liquid Open. He takes a look at Hwangsin's games and discusses how a very simple read on an opponent can ...
  • Day[9] Daily #202 – Friendday Wednesday with qxc

    In this Friendday Wednesday, Day[9] invites guest qxc to analyze his drop play. Part 1 Watch on Blip When should I stop dropping? If only I had dropped, I would have won that game.
  • Day[9] Daily #404 – DAILY NOT FOUND

    Day[9] speaks out against the dangers of bills such as SOPA and PIPA, warning about the dismal future of video game streaming if passed. Link 1
  • Day[9] Daily #312 – Newbie Tuesday: How to Learn and Improve

    In this Newbie Tuesday, Day[9] explains how to learn from your games to improve your play. To demonstrate this, he analyzes a series of games from a person trying to improve and comments about the proper adjustments to make.
  • Day[9] Daily #310 – Pinning Your Opponent on a Build

    Day[9] explains how to determine what units, buildings, and tech possibilities an opponent has based upon limited information. Part 1
  • Day[9] Daily #201 – Newbie Tuesday: Using Drops

    Day[9] explains the pitfalls many beginners make when trying to incorporate drops into their play and how to avoid them. Part 1 Watch on Blip -Can you talk about KiwiKaki's drop on Idra in the IEM last weekend?
  • Day[9] Daily #402 – Stephano vs Thorzain – Epic TvZ

    Day[9] analyzes in-depth the brilliant in-game decisions making in a very long game between Stephano and ThorZaIN. This analysis helps to reveal the thought process behind Terran opening pressures, the expanding patterns and tech choices of the Zerg player, and ...
  • Day[9] Daily #401 – Funday Monday: 2 Units GONE!

    In this Funday Monday, players are challenged to play a 1v1 ladder match. In the match, however, players must ask their opponent to choose two Units (that don't start with the same letter and aren't workers) that the player will ...
  • Day[9] Daily #308 – Competitive FFA

    In this Funday Monday, Day[9] casts an exciting game from an FFA tournament hosted by iinet. Part 1
  • Day[9] Daily #131 – TheLittleOne on Air Interview

    Day[9] invites special guest TheLittleOne to be on the show, because the beta has just been shut down. Day[9] and the TheLittleOne discuss ways to deal with mech and how to think like Zerg.
  • Day[9] Daily #400 – Special Episode! Eliminating Assumptions

    Day[9] introduces his views on the correct attitude toward life and philosophically discusses how to deal with problems in both StarCraft and reality.
  • Day[9] Daily #200 – Funday Monday: Alphabetical Free For All

    Funday Monday! The constraint: An Alphabetical Free for All, where the player must kill his opponents in alphabetical order. In addition to spectacular games, this Daily is host to one of Day[9]'s most memorable quotes.
  • Day[9] Daily #307 – White-Ra vs Idra

    Day[9] delves in to a game between immensely popular White-Ra and IdrA, providing overall analysis that progresses in to an in-depth look at the game from the Zerg perspective.
  • Day[9] Daily #306 – A Simple Plan: HasuObs (PvT)

    Day[9] analyzes HasuObs' approach to the PvT matchup. In doing so, he underscores the importance of having a simple plan that includes attack timings and winning strategies. He goes on to explain how to stick to that plan regardless of ...
  • Day[9] Daily #305 – ZOMG I’m Back!

    [NO THUMBNAIL] Day[9] presents the idea of "convergence points," a phenomenon wherein Terran players often arrive at the same set of structures with different builds. He explains the importance of using convergence points to get back on track if you ...
  • Day[9] Daily #303 – Zerg Scouting Without Scouting

    Day[9] focuses on how to gain intelligence without scouting by discussing how to use non-triggers and explaining how to account for all possibilities while maintaining a primary game goal. LaLuSh also demonstrates great Zerg timings!
  • Day[9] Daily #302 – Funday Monday: Hero Has Arrived

    In this Funday Monday, players are challenged to create and name a hero unit. Day[9] humorously follows the adventures of these brave heroes as they try to rack up as many kills as possible before being slain.
  • Day[9] Daily #301 – Happy vs Socke PvT

    Day[9] analyzes a very long macro game between Happy and Socke, where a heavy Gateway Unit composition is employed against an early cloak Banshee opening that transitions into a mass bio end game.
  • Day[9] Daily #300 – Inspiration from Sheth!

    Day[9] finds inspiration from analyzing Sheth's Roach/Hydra style versus Protoss. Part 1