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  • Day[9] Daily #167 – MorroW vs IdrA TvZ

    Day[9] highlights "Brood War logic" such as creating the opportunity to expand. In this case, MorroW uses constant aggression against IdrA to set up his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th expansion on Blistering Sands.
  • Day[9] Daily #166 – Geist vs NightEnd PvP

    Day[9] examines a PvP game that does not involve a 4gate at all. Instead, both players go for a Robotic Facility. One player upgrades to Phoenix with Probe harass and then transitions to a Voidray Colossus ball, which eventually wins ...
  • Day[9] Daily #165 – Zergling/Baneling Opening in ZvZ

    Day[9] focuses on variations in openings involving Zerglings and Banelings from one or both of the players. He also analyzes transitions from the early game Zergling-Baneling opening.
  • Day[9] Daily #356 – Controlling Game Flow

    In this Daily, Day[9] discusses the concept of gameflow wherein one player’s play forces his opponent down a certain lane of decision making that ultimately provides a benefit to the original player. To explore this concept, Day[9] showcases a game ...
  • Day[9] Daily #225 – Dimaga vs QXC

    Day[9] analyzes a TvZ game between qxc and DIMAGA. He examines the map Xel'Naga Caverns and focuses on qxc's play. Part 1 Watch on Blip -Do you think blind engineering bay block will fade out of the game as the ...
  • Day[9] Daily #226 – Short Zerg Games!

    Day[9] looks at early game issues for Zerg, and discusses better decision-making from the perspective of both players in a ZvP game. Part 1 Watch on Blip
  • Day[9] Daily #224 – Newbie Tuesday: Fighting an Early Expansion

    During this Newbie Tuesday, Day[9] demonstrates how to combat a fast-expanding Protoss as Terran, and how to think about a fast-expanding player.
  • Day[9] Daily #223 – Funday Monday: 5 Minute Attacks!

    Funday Monday! Players are given the following constraint: The player must attack your opponent(s) every 5 minutes and whenever you attack, you must emit a battle cry! Yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrggggg!!!!
  • Day[9] Daily #352 – Newbie Tuesday: Timing Attacks!

    [NO THUMBNAIL] Day[9] explains how to effectively plan a build that is designed to execute a timing attack at the 10-12 minute mark while at the same time preparing for the later stages of the game once the attack is ...
  • Day[9] Daily #351 – Funday Monday: 4 Gate? Try 4 Base!

    [NO THUMBNAIL] In this Funday Monday, Day[9] challenges viewers to expand three times before doing anything else substantial in their games. Day[9] also features a special submission from CatZ.
  • Day[9] Daily #350 – HuK vs Rain PvT

    This episode features an incredible game between HuK and Rain. Day[9] returns to basics by providing general insight into both players’ builds, Unit mixes, and Unit positioning.
  • Day[9] Daily #222 – Sen vs inControl: ZvP Analysis

    Day[9] looks at a ZvP game between Sen and iNcontrol in which Sen executes a brilliant series of re-maxing and transitions into Brood Lords smoothly and successfully.
  • Day[9] Daily #349 – LiquidHerO vs EGIdrA ZvP

    [NO THUMBNAIL] In this daily, Day[9] analyzes HerO’s heavy harassment based Protoss versus Zerg style by looking into his general decision making processes.
  • Day[9] Daily #348 – Thorzain vs DRG TvZ

    [NO THUMBNAIL] Day[9] investigates the Terran versus Zerg matchup by analyzing a fantastic game between ThorZaiN and DongRaeGu. Day[9] discusses the decision making of both players as the match progresses.
  • Day[9] Daily #221 – LoveTT's Fancy PvZ

    Day[9] points out that on the Korean servers, Zerg seem to be winning more in ZvP match ups while on the other servers, Protoss seem to be winning more. This leads him to examine the professional ZvP match up in ...
  • Day[9] Daily #220 – Jinro vs Moon: TvZ Analysis

    Day[9] takes a look at two great players: Jinro and Moon. He talks about the importance of seeing value in every Unit, and on focusing on getting core buildings built during the mid-game.
  • Day[9] Daily #346 – Checking Out PvT

    Day[9] investigates the PvT matchup by looking at several high level games between WhiteRa and DDE. This daily includes overall commentary as well as separate analysis from both the Protoss and Terran perspectives.
  • Day[9] Daily #345 – Queen Inject Timing

    Day[9] discusses the importance of meticulously working on and fixing one aspect of gameplay at a time while learning. Specifically, Day[9] focuses on Queen inject timing, tackling the problems one might encounter when learning in this fashion and suggesting ways ...
  • Day[9] Daily #344 – Funday Monday: Unitless Zerg Play!

    In this Funday Monday, Day[9] casts hilarious Zerg games where the players are challenged to make do with only queens, spines, spores, Overlords, Overseers, Drones, and no other units. Accordingly, Zerg players are forced to utilize every trick in the ...
  • Day[9] Daily #343 – Catz vs White-Ra

    Day[9] focuses on a single game between White-Ra and Catz where specific, less talked about aspects of the game are discussed. Day[9] touches on subjects like proxy hatching a forge fast expanding Protoss and looking at when and why a ...