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  • well.... in reply to Truth. by DaveSprite

    He kinda saved my life in a way so I owe him a lot of thanks for that ^^
  • hahahah in reply to 8/10 by DaveSprite

    Its still REALLY fresh atm....I think I took this two hours after having it done so it was still tender. Haha if I did have one I doubt he would be pleased.dedication yo!!!
  • ... in reply to It's linked, not embedded... by SteppeLively

    Hahahaha :)I didn't want to embed it...just in case as its a tad nsfw I guess?!And thank you ^^
  • So...I got my Day[9] tattoo today...

    I wasn't sure if I should post it here or just add onto the other tattoo post so apologies if I should have done the latter! it is :) ( I know its a bit riskaaaaaaaaaay and sorry for ...
  • DUDE.....I got mine today :D in reply to Getting a Day[9] Themed Tattoo by sternloader

    not sure if make new thread or post in here?
  • I booked mine today!! in reply to .... by DayFine

    ready for Thursday! So exited ^^
  • ....I was referring to this ^^ in reply to Um.... by zeek

  • ::D in reply to Go go go! by Akanta

    Why Thank you Akanta ^^Yay the dayUK's <3
  • These are all really awesome dreams.... in reply to Life Goals! by alex.osborne.507

    ...that I am sure you will accomplish, because you are all amazing ^^I'm trying to keep mine simple so I don't let myself down....little faith haha. I would quite like to finish my degree in Geology and Geographical Sciences and ...
  • Cannot wait to see Sean loose his manhood again XP in reply to Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs by Blues

    Going to be such an awesome game, going to be even better watching sean play it XP he was bad enough with Amnesia....this one looks much worse >.< Can't wait to play it myself. Scaaaaaary stuff ^^
  • .... in reply to ... by sternloader

    Niiiiice, get it up when you're done ^^ I'll message you mine :)
  • Hahaha in reply to Here they are! by Duneyrr

    They are too awesome! Nice work Duneyrr :)
  • ... in reply to Le [9] by ShinraRei

    I shall definitely post it up when i get it :D
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeees... in reply to That's so fucking awesome!!! by Day9

    Upper arm is always a safe bet if you need to cover it, on the other hand the forearm or top of the spine would look pretty cool....I have quite a few tattoos and my favorite location is the back ...
  • :O in reply to Easy Sean by BaronKalamari

    I didnt think you could make him any sexier ...low and behold XP
  • Dat Ass.... in reply to Iron Squid Backstage Tour by Day9