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  • Post Mortem in reply to Day[9] Daily #559 - Funday Monday: Best of the Beta by Day9

    Last one was so good, please do another for funday monday in a couple weeks
  • Dota 2 in reply to Dota 2 by Blues

    Not sure if this is the right section for this, but I have a few steam dota keys that i don't really have a need for. I can only give away three, but if you need one (I know they're ...
  • PC help

    Hey Derroz again. I've played consoles for my whole life up until now, I got a decent laptop that can run games, but not very well. I'm thinking about buying the pc here, but I don't know if it ...
  • Thanks!! in reply to Ultra-Noob help by Derroz

    Wow you guys are nice, think I'll go with the memorizing build order technique, but thanks to anyone who commented.
  • Ultra-Noob help

    Hey. I am utterly terrible at Starcraft 2 and I need some help. I just bought it and I really haven't done anything except get smoked by a bot. Any advice for play Player vs. Player or just any tips ...