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  • Bounce D: in reply to Battlecruisers by Masterdmr

    I did not take that into account. I'm pretty sure you can get out Mutas faster than battlecruisers anyway...
  • Bomber :D in reply to Certainly by Xtc

    I'm a huge bomber fan! I think you might be referring to his game vs Goswser where he nukes his own army and they mine out the entire map. He uses mass ravens but not PDDs, because in most situations ...
  • Sounds Plausible in reply to Yeah swarmhosts by Xtc

    I have yet to actually test this strategy in a serious manner (as in I haven't perfect a build order or taken a serious look at the timings) but I will in the near future. Then we'll see whether being ...
  • Counter to Tank Viking in reply to Can you tell me what did i do wrong? by lethevinh12

    Roach Swarmhost with Muta harass. Terrans turtle up in their little shells and you take like 7 bases.
  • Swarmhost? in reply to Gosweser vs Lucifron by Xtc

    Swarmhost doesn't seem like an ideal tactic but I haven't seen the game yet. I'm almost certain ravens hard counter SH because detection + seeker missile. Vipers could be deadly if microed correctly, I hadn't thought of that. I think ...
  • spore crawlers vs. missile turrets in reply to how many? by Threxor

    If the Zerg goes Mutas, you can still use PDDs to your advantage. The idea is not to let them force an engagement, but rather the other way around. You want to play as aggressively as possible with all of ...
  • Banshee Raven viking vs. zerg

    Before I go into detail on why it works, here's the basic strat: Fast expand and use marines, hellions, missile turrets and bunkers as a mineral sinkhole while getting a deathball of Ravens, Banshees and Vikings.