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  • Small addition in reply to Need friends? by Zicarios

    Also, you'd be surprised about the higher league thing. ZergBurner (Bjørn) was someone who show'd up and actually suggested the FridayNightFun name, and he was top Diamond with Masters 1v1 finish I believe.Then again, most of the FNF people are ...
  • What an amazing community! in reply to Friday nights by Moomintroll

    tl;dr version: You are all awesome, smart and handsome/beautiful people. (Plus some emotions)Awww, James, - That last part hit me right in the emotions :)Anyways - Yeah, these posts can go VERY well (As I experienced a few months ago ...
  • Good to see you're continuing! in reply to Eu funday night by DeanyyBoy

    I'm back for a day or so before I head off for 2 weeks - Good to see you're all getting along fine w/o me ;)Hopefully you've been promoted, Dean, Feels lonely with just James and Chris :)
  • A quick Explanation in reply to Void Rays PvP by Dizzy

    Thanks for all your advice, I'm sure it will come in handy in my journey to Platinum and beyond!However A lot of you have mentioned the expanding (Or lack thereof) , and I just want to add a quick explanation ...
  • Void Rays PvP

    For starters - This isn't a "Void rays must be nerfed!" thread, I just want to know how to beat them in the earlier stages of the game (E.g - Lower robo tech/ low stargate tech)This is because I have ...
  • Any :) in reply to Which type of win is more satisfying? by TJAyo

    At this stage - I'm glad to win, Period! :)But the Cheese play crush is more fun....And the hard battle gives you more of a sense of achievement.
  • Amended. in reply to Should you do what? by Riuna

    Started the topic for something different - But changed it half way through and forgot to change title lol - My bad! :)
  • Operation Platinum...Needs some work

    Hey guys,Now that Summer break is here I've been debating something for a while, I really want to get "Good" at SC2 (Plat+ hopefully).I am currently a Silver league Protoss player (Demoted from Gold as I switched from Zerg) and ...
  • Err... in reply to "I'm screwed unless he micros badly" by Moomintroll

    Turnipshoes...? ;)
  • FridayNightFun: 19 July!

    Hello everyone!As you may or may not know My name is Dizzy, and I would like to invite all of you to join us playing Arcade games and custom games on Friday the 19th July!
  • *Mouse in reply to So you finally.. by Silv

    Man - don't draw these with a pen and scan them in (Or use a touch pad!). I do it with a good, old fashioned Logitech Mouse ;)
  • Better News! in reply to FridayNightFun: 12th July! by Dizzy

    Even better, I should have my new rig set up by then!So I will probably be running HoTS in max graphics - Just because I can! :D
  • FridayNightFun: 12th July!

    I was short on Ideas for the picture - But a crappy one is better than none! :D Hello once again eeeryboody!As you may or may not know I host the FridayNightFun event every Friday, where we play Arcade games ...
  • FridayNightFun: 5th June!

    Hey hey guys! Anyone up for some Monobattles/Phantom/FFAs and such today?We have 5 atm and need 3 more for a good time!Skype Helps!Join the FridayNightFun chat on The Americas and Europe server and whisper me @ Dizzy,321 (Americas) or Dizzy,309 ...
  • Up on YT in reply to Day[9] Story Time #1 - How I Almost Died by Day9

    For those who can't wait - It's up on youtube at the moment ( if you don't know :P )
  • FridayNightFun:28th June (Cancelled)

    Due to a lack of people this week will be cancelled :(Apologies and I hope to see you all next week! -Dizzy
  • Subtle Advertisment in reply to Friday Night Fun by Moomintroll

    I'm loving the opportunistic view you've taken on this thread James ;)
  • This is dedication in reply to FridayNightFun: 21st June by Dizzy

    I'm going to be missing 4-5 hours of Swtor double xp - BE GRATEFUL! ;)(Of course I'm joking - Rather be with you guys! :DD)
  • WHOA! in reply to awesome idea by DeanyyBoy

    Be careful Dean - You'll get on a list for that! ;)
  • Great Minds think a like! in reply to See you guys there. by Moomintroll

    Or - My mind and great minds :PYeah - We are going to do that as well, although I'm going to make 1 restriction to make it better.NO.CANNONS.