Tomi "Domez" Suutari

  • Location: Tampere - Finland
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  • Twitch Stream: Domezi
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  • About: I'm 23 years old up and coming streamer from Finland. I'm also founder and leader of team Northern Maniacs.
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Twitter: DomezSC2

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  • Axslav Coaching me at my stream!

    Hi! I'm Domezi and I am up and coming streamer from Finland! I play Protoss at master level and I really love SC2 and streaming! My English isn't the best but I'll try! :)
  • Personality over Skills in reply to Favorite Player Streams by itsbecca

    I usually try to find master players who are good but they also communicate with viewers, have a interesting personality and they try to analyze their games (and they are Protoss because I am too :))Couple of my favourites are:,