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  • Dinner Stories

    At some point, Sean talked about the purpose of life being to accumulate dinner stories, that is, to go for dinner with friends, drink too much wine, and laugh a lot, and that the rest of your life is to ...
  • Indie Game Developers in South of England

    A little background, I'm a final year university student in Southampton UK studying Multimedia Journalism. For my final year project I'm writing a series of features as well as video (potentially TV style) content and audio.
  • Unsure... in reply to Greenscreen - love it or hate it? by Blartz

    I feel that the greenscreen lacks a certain amount of polish. The rough edges and stuff really grate on me, but that's not to say there's no place for it. It might just be that I'm resistant to change, but ...
  • So jealous.... in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - SimCity by Day9

    After hearing about all the DRM issues, I was sure I didn't want Sim City... How wrong I was. Also, props to all the people who suggested Feli City, you're all hilarious. <3
  • Perfect format. in reply to Metadating #6 - Katawa Shoujo (part 2) by Day9

    Watching this back, surely the perfect format for this game would be on Kindle or iPad?