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  • We finally did!? in reply to Do you have a video? by WHiT3R4bBiT

    So we finally added a video! Took WAY too long to complete, but better late than never.
  • Thanks! in reply to It's a pretty interesting game so far by Dick_Winters

    Awesome! Let us know if you come across anything strange, or seemingly out of place. We're constantly fixing, shipping, adding new stuff based on feedback.
  • Cool... in reply to Wow! by bluedrop

    Glad it was useful. Mostly just keep hustling, talking, and hustling (and hustling). Checked out your project, seems like a really cool concept. I apologize if you're not looking for feedback yet, but here's two things that stuck out:
  • Here's What We Did in reply to So you said if we have any questions.... by bluedrop

    Currently, we're still not where we want to be in regards to user size. We're currently developing a little more spit and polish before a harder marketing push. That said we do have about 2200 sign ups and about 400 ...
  • Not yet. But almost... in reply to Do you have a video? by WHiT3R4bBiT

    Not having a trailer out of the gate was probably a misstep, but are currently putting one together as I speak..err..type. Once complete, I'll be sure to update the thread. In the interim, if anyone would like to get a ...
  • Atomic Brawl: Strategy, Collection, Jack-Assery

    Atomic Brawl is a free indie game that throws Magic the Gathering and Final Fantasy Tactics in a blender (with a dash of Earthboundy tone) to produce a light hearted and deep gaming cocktail. It's playable in-browser (tablet friendly as ...