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  • Wow, just wow. in reply to MLG Fall Championship by Riuna

    I'm pretty fond of Leenock and I have the utmost respect for him and his ability to scrounge together impressive victories. But I just watched Bomber vs. Leenock and wow. I love Bomber, he played so well that match, a ...
  • Good luck in reply to Season V: Quest to Diamond! by Vaalyr

    I admire your determination to reach Diamond, keep that up! I myself am a bronze-league-ing wanna-be bad-ass. I was a bit disappointed as I finished last season as Rank 2 in Bronze, and I won my placement match this season ...
  • Halloween Costume for Day9

    Okay, okay. Unbelievably late post here, and I wanted to post this before Halloween rolled around. But I honestly think that Day9 should have made an immortal costume and walked around all day on Halloween doing his impression of an ...