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  • Done in reply to ah! by Philosopher

    Just sent it! I hope you enjou the game!
  • Sure! in reply to Would I be able to get a key by Philosopher

    Just say your email by pm or I dunno, here so I can send it to you.
  • Sorry in reply to I was making a joke about Valve being BM by ntucker

    I misunderstood and thought you were trying to report a player and didnt find how XD
  • That smoke is op in reply to I played a game today where my entire team disconnected due to a bug by ntucker

    Riki smoke is OP, miss chance and silence in area. Just too good. To report someone you have to click on the scoreboard, click on the guy's name and click report and then select the right one.
  • I forgot telling in reply to Dota 2 by Blues

    My steam account with the dota keys is Utreti. Just add me there and I will give you a dota key I got 4 left since someone already asked for one.
  • Its not like that. in reply to I can't play Dota for the life of me by LordMatsu

    DOTA takes a real while for you to get better. There are items such as BKB that make you unable to be stunned and you need to get what the other heroes do too so you can know what he ...
  • I have 5 keys in reply to Dota 2 by Blues

    I jut got 5 keys and I dont have anyone to give it to. So just ask me here and the first 5 will get a key :3
  • Almost as expensive as the virtual one in reply to The issue is... by BamesJohn

    Even if none of your friends play, there are places for people to play magic. Usually where you buy the cards there are tons of people who play and walk around there. It is a great way of meeting other ...
  • the cmputer game is cool but the real one is better in reply to I'm considering... by BamesJohn

    The computer one is cool but the real one is more flexible and plus - playing with your irl friends is better than against some computer or a random one on the internet.
  • School Days

    What is this game? School Days is a Visual Novel which means you don't actually "play" it. What you do on this game is to choose options, no walking, no map exploring no quests, iada iada. But the game is ...
  • I watch a lot of tv shows but I am behind in almost all of them ): in reply to Favorite TV Shows by ntucker

    I used to watch a lot and when I started playing more I started getting behind on all of them ): I will probably not remember all of them but here we go:
  • Found this image on reddit some months ago :3 in reply to Your Computer Desktop by krisna.siv

    I really like this image. The desktop icons are the ones I mostly use in general. Sometimes it gets messy but in general is really easy to find things :3
  • title in reply to title by Blues

    Love this game :)