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  • Video Is Private in reply to Day[9]'s Day Off - SOMA by Day9

  • Sorry in reply to WoL by Raugg

    I regret to inform you that they do not exist, he did not stream his playthrough of WoL.
  • I understand in reply to Balance discussion by printf

    This is very helpful information. I will, in the future, try to conform my posts to this so that there can be discussion about the balance rather than the poll itself. In short, thanks for the advice.
  • I'm not.... in reply to You must be terran... by Hyperion

    i'm protoss actually.... and I actually just didn't get to finish the zerg part, I hit enter too early lol
  • Why? in reply to Stop by printf

    im sorry these are bothering everyone. why is that? I will stop, im just curious
  • Why not? in reply to Why? by Scoob

    its only been two I don't "keep" posting them. and I just enjoy taking polls. you don't have to read them or vote on them
  • Which Unit Needs a Buff?

    In your opinion, who needs some help? Who's the weakest? Let your voice be heard below http://www.strawpoll.me/1941915/ Further, feel free to share your reasons for your vote in this forum.
  • BTW in reply to Which race is most OP? by Ender3119

    By the way Narud isn't Xel'Naga to the best of my knowledge
  • Which race is most OP?

    Just wanted to see what people's opinions are. OPINIONS. No arguments or hate please. Vote at http://www.strawpoll.me/1936285 Then feel free to give your reasoning below.